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The Core of IV Therapy: Myers Cocktail

Without one man, IV therapy would be vastly different than it is today. In the 1940s, Dr. John Myers, a physician in Maryland, used nutrient injections to treat chronic conditions. His work became popularized by Dr. Alan Gaby, who named a cocktail of vitamins after the late Dr. Myers. 

Office Holiday Party Ideas

Office Holiday Party Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner, meaning plenty of parties to attend including your office party. Holiday office parties bring holiday cheer and boost morale. Your team will be excited to have a little break and get time to spend together outside of work. Hosting a holiday party for the office allows employees to come together and get to know each other better. Whether you decide to rent a venue, have your party at the office, or a night at the CEO’s house, with these ideas, your employees are guaranteed to have a great time!