Revive and Rehydrate: IV Fluids for Hangover Relief in 2023

Can IV Fluids Relieve Hangovers?

It’s all fun and games until you’ve had too much to drink. The next thing you know, you’re waking up feeling like absolute crap and hungry for relief. You recall other people talking about how IV fluids can support recovery from dehydration, and now you’re wondering what about IV fluids for hangover relief. Would that do the trick?

You’re in luck because the answer is yes. 

Finding a way around a hangover can feel impossible. Almost like reaching the all-illusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or catching a unicorn. Maybe finding a money tree.  Or… you get it.

Read on to learn what a hangover is, why they make us feel so bad, and how IV fluids for hangover relief can help. 

And if you’re reading this while hungover right now…. Go ahead and get some ice water and some Tylenol.

We’ll wait.

Why Do We Feel Awful After We Drink Alcohol?

A hangover, by definition, is a cluster of symptoms experienced after consuming too much alcohol—with ‘too much’ being dependent on the drinker. Some folks can develop a hangover with just one drink, and for others, it takes much more.

So, why do hangovers hurt so much?

Alcohol slows the release of vasopressin. Vasopressin is a hormone in the human body, and its job is to tell our kidneys when to hold onto fluid, like urine. Have you heard anyone say that they’re ‘breaking the seal’ when they pee for the first time after they’ve started drinking? That’s because drinking alcohol suppresses vasopressin, causing people to have to urinate more than they’re able to drink water. This keeps drinkers heading to the bathroom all night long.

This is where mild dehydration begins and becomes a problem—but not without the help of congeners. Congeners are a compound in alcohol that is produced when alcohol is in its fermentation phase. Congeners contribute to the taste and smell of booze, and you’ll find a higher count of congeners in darker spirits like whiskey and brandy.

The darker the spirit, the more hell-like your hangover may be.

This lethal combo is what drives headaches, fatigue, and extreme thirst. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night after drinking with a thirst so strong you could swallow the ocean whole? This is why. 

It’s pretty standard to experience some nausea and various stomach issues, too. That’s because alcohol directly disrupts the lining of your stomach and increases the release of acid in your belly. 

Hangover anxiety” is also worth mentioning here. Some people experience extreme anxiety during their hangovers, rehashing the night before, worrying about the future, and trying to tame a monkey mind. This is a symptom of a mini-withdrawal from alcohol as our brains fight to regain balance again. 

Fun stuff, right?

Can IV Fluids For Hangovers Work?

IV drip therapy can be wildly helpful for hangovers and for people who just need some help getting hydrated. IV hydration supports athletes, people with various diseases and ailments, and folks just looking to improve the way they feel. Our mood, disposition, ability to perform at work or in sports, how we sleep—all of this relies on our hydration levels. 

*Cue scene: IV therapy enters the stage*

IV fluids are a popular and effective option when it comes to rehydration because of how fast it delivers relief. The bag holding the fluids is usually up above your head, and gravity does its thing while medication drips slowly down the tube and into your body through a needle.

Unlike drinking water or orally ingesting medication, IV fluids enter directly into your bloodstream—making it the fastest and easiest way for your body to absorb the good stuff and get back to normal again.

IV Revival To The Rescue

IV Revival’s Hangover Helper is a carefully crafted cocktail packed with everything you need to combat a hangover. 

Anti-heartburn medication helps with nausea and fatigue onset by the acid released in the belly. Magnesium supports muscle relaxation to melt away the tension so you can relax and get some relief. Toradol, a non-narcotic pain reliever, is included in this treatment for inflammation and pain. Electrolytes in the treatment will help to restore hydration and allow the brain to get back in balance, easing withdrawal symptoms and anxiety.

If you’re experiencing an extreme hangover, migraine, or just want to get on with your day, a Hangover Helper might be just what the doctor ordered.

You don’t have to endure a hangover on your own, especially if you’re suffering. At IV Revival, we come to you. Check out our menu of treatments to read about everything we offer and choose the right one for whatever you’re going through.

 IV fluids for hangover relief really works.  

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