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Group Treatments — Up to 20% Off!

10% off any of our IV treatments for groups of 2-6. 20% off with 7 or more people. Discount does not apply to add-ons or NAD+. Group members can pick their treatment and add-ons at time of appointment.

Basic Rehydration (Replenish) IV — $125

1 liter of pH balanced fluid and electrolytes. Great for rehydrating! Replenish and re-hydrate to get back on your feet faster and perform your best!

Performance Booster (Revive) IV — $150

1 liter of pH balanced fluid, electrolytes, B-complex and B-12.

Helps to re-energize, improve mood, sleep & brain function, reduce anxiety/depression and detoxify the body. Great for athletic preparation and recovery!

Renew IV — $195

A Myers cocktail with 1liter of pH balanced fluid with electrolytes and with a glutathione push.

 The Myers Cocktail includes Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B complex and B12. It has been used to treat an array of illnesses including, allergies, asthma, chronic pain, fatigue, and a multitude of acute and chronic diseases.

Migraine Relief IV — $175

Treatment includes 1 liter of pH balanced fluids with electrolytes. A double dose of magnesium is clinically shown to reduce migraine attacks. Also includes B complex and a non-narcotic pain/anti-inflammatory medication.

Hangover Helper — $200

Treatment includes 1 liter of Lactated Ringers. B12, B complex, anti-nausea medication, non-narcotic pain/anti-inflammatory medication and finished with a glutathione push. Get out of bed and back to the party!

Immunity Booster — $300

1 liter of Lactated Ringers, a Myers cocktail with a quadruple dose of Vitamin C, Zinc and finished with a double dose glutathione push. Say no to sickness!

Add-on Supplements & Pricing

Our IV hydration at home therapies are developed at a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy to ensure fresh, high quality supplements.

Vitamin C — $25

Boosts immune function, increases resistance to infections and protects against a wide range of diseases. Vitamin C helps combat the common cold and flu and is proven to reduce the duration of both!

B Complex & B12 — $25

Our B12 is five times more potent than most. B vitamins not only help fight energy and fatigue, but they promote a healthy metabolism, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, and improve memory, mood, blood, DNA, and immune function.

Magnesium — $25

As a smooth muscle relaxant it can be used to treat migraines, pain, asthma, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, constipation and high blood pressure. Most people are magnesium deficient, which hinders optimal metabolic function.

Glutathione — $25

The “mother of antioxidants”. Glutathione boosts the immune system by building and repairing tissues. Combats the toxic effects of alcohol and drugs; prevents aging; treats multiple sclerosis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, liver disease, fatigue, memory loss, and so much more!

Zinc — $25

An essential enzyme that facilitates healing. It maintains normal cell growth and skin hydration. Used to treat the flu, common cold, skin disorders, hair loss, wounds, cancer, inflammatory disease, nutritional deficiencies, nerve pain, herpes, stomach ulcers, high cholesterol, and cirrhosis. Zinc increases cognitive and immune function and exercise performance.

Taurine — $25

An amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. Taurine aids in boosting cognitive function and athletic performance. Decreases anxiety. Helps with weight loss. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.


Nicknamed the fountain of youth. Benefits include general wellness, DNA repair, anti-aging and muscle health, improved neurological function and memory, detox, pain management. $1/mg. 50mg minimum. Must order in multiples of 50mg.

NAD+ IM Shooter

Nicknamed the fountain of youth. Benefits include general wellness, DNA repair, anti-aging and muscle health, improved neurological function and memory, detox, pain management. Must be combined with an IV at time of appointment.
50mg – $40, 100mg – $75

Anti-inflammatory — $25

(Ketorolac/Toradol) Used for pain relief including headaches, fever, and muscle and joint soreness. Works instantly.

Anti-nausea — $25

(Ondansetron/Zofran) Works instantly to help relieve nausea, and vomiting.

Anti-heartburn — $25

(Famotidine/Pepcid) Reduces the discomfort of heartburn and also helps relieve nausea.

IM Shooter — $30

This is an intramuscular injection. Takes 1 minute! Must be combined with an IV at appointment time.

  • Super Energy Boost: 5 times more potent than common B12 shots!

  • Anti-nausea & Anti-inflammatory: Immediate relief!

Treatment FAQ

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