Revived IV Therapy: The Ultimate Health Trend of 2023


Get Revived.

You can easily schedule an appointment below using our online scheduler, or you can call us at (480) 848-1678 to schedule over the phone.

Scheduling is easy:

1. Choose a treatment that fits your needs.

2. Select any add-ons you’d like.
(Ex: vitamin C, B complex, B12, magnesium, glutathione, zinc, taurine, NAD+, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea)

3. Select your desired date and time.

4. Enter your contact info and you’re all set!
(A credit card is used to hold appointments. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until the time of appointment and you can change the appointment type at the time of appointment)

IV Revival Terms & Conditions

• We accept Cash and all major credit card, debit cards, and HSA cards.

• Appointments are subject to change due to availability and travel time.

• We do IVs at Home! Travel fees apply to locations ranging outside of a 30 mile radius from our Scottsdale office location.

• Cancellation and applicable travel fees are assessed to “no shows” or cancellations within one hour of the appointment time.

• Cancellation fee for a single person appointment = $75 + applicable travel fees.

• Cancellation fee for a group appointment = $150 + applicable travel fees.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.