B12 Injections Fountain Hills 2023: Boost Energy & Vitality

5 Reasons Why You Might Need a B12 Shot

5 Reasons You Might Need a B12 Shot

B12 shots are a popular menu item here at IV Revival, and for a good reason. B12 is an essential vitamin that is necessary for optimal health and well-being. This essential vitamin supports your central nervous system, helps create energy from food, forms red blood cells, and strengthens DNA production—among other critical functions. However, our body does not make B12 on its own. We have to get B12 into our system externally. 

Many people need to improve their intake of B12 and have yet to learn. Up to 43% of adults can be deficient in this essential vitamin without knowing it. Whether deficient or not, B12 shots offer body benefits that can be felt instantly. 

B12 shots are injections inserted directly into the bloodstream— meaning vitamins are instantly absorbed. Some nutrients are not absorbed through the digestive system when vitamins are ingested orally. Injections ensure that your body gets all the good stuff, not just some. 

Most of IV Revival’s IV therapy treatments include B12, and we also offer IM B12 shooters in combination with our IV treatments. When you book an appointment for an IV package, you can also include a B12 shot. An IM shooter (intramuscular injection) takes less than 1 minute, and since we use a tiny needle, you won’t feel the same pinch as you would with the larger-sized needles other places use. 

Our B12 shooters are five times more potent than other B12 injections you’ll find elsewhere—creating a wave of good feels and lasting benefits that can be felt immediately.

Read on to learn why people love B12 injections and how a B12 shooter could benefit you. 

1. B12 Shots Improve Concentration and Energy Levels 

B12 is naturally found in certain foods and helps convert food into energy. However, if the items listed below aren’t a part of your diet, chances are you could be deficient in B12. A common symptom of B12 deficiency is fatigue — even after a good night’s rest.

 B12 can be found in the following:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Fortified Cereals

Those who are deficient in B12 feel tremendous energy after receiving B12 in either an IV treatment or a shooter. But since our shooters are potent, you’ll feel an increase in concentration and energy levels regardless of deficiency or not. If you’re finding that your 2 PM coffee does nearly nothing, you can’t keep up with your kids, practice a vegan diet, or experience fatigue after a full night’s rest—it’s time for a B12 shot! 

2. Megaloblastic Anemia

Folks who are severely deficient in B12 and B9 (folate) can experience what is called megaloblastic anemia. Megaloblastic anemia is a vitamin deficiency anemia that healthcare providers treat with B12 supplements and B9 supplements. People who experience vitamin deficiency anemia usually have a disorder that makes it hard for their bodies to absorb nutrients from food, like B12 or B9.

B12 forms red blood cells, which carry oxygen in your body. Oxygen is necessary for healthy body function of the organs and tissues. If your body is not forming red blood cells, the body will form another cell called megaloblasts. These cells are abnormally large and struggle to migrate from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.

This is where things get tricky. Some megaloblasts might make it into the bloodstream, but even so, they tend to die much faster than red blood cells. With a low count of red blood cells and active megaloblasts, anemia persists.

Those who experience megaloblastic anemia struggle with fatigue, paleness, muscle weakness, decreased appetite, and more.

If you struggle with megaloblastic anemia, your healthcare provider might suggest B12 shots to get your levels back up to normal again. As stated above, IV Revival’s B12 shots are potent and can help those suffering from megaloblastic anemia tremendously. 

3. B12 Shots Can Strengthen Your Immune System 

Organs need oxygen to be strong and healthy—making strong red blood cells the star of the show when it comes to a healthy immune system. Since B12 is essential in forming red blood cells, B12 injections support the creation and maintenance of a healthy immune system.

If you’re deficient in B12, chances are that you get sick often and don’t feel as strong as you could. If you find that you just can’t kick that cold that keeps coming back for more, feel weak, or don’t understand why you keep getting sick, B12 injections could be wildly helpful in getting you back to feeling like yourself again. 

4. Emotional Health and Well-Being 

B12 truly is the powerhouse vitamin that affects everything in our bodies, and not having enough of it makes life hard.

Not only is B12 great for increasing energy, but it’s also directly linked to emotional health and well-being. A deficiency in B12 can be associated with anxiety and depression, too. But what does B12 do for your body that makes for a happy brain?

B12 supports your brain’s ability to process mood-regulating transmitters, like dopamine and serotonin. This is why B12 shots can directly increase a great mood and a healthy state of mind.

If you’ve felt under the weather mentally, give B12 injections a shot. While this is not a cure or treatment for depression or anxiety, B12 shots can alleviate symptoms.

5. Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails 

Since B12 plays a pivotal role in adequate cell reproduction, it’s easy to see why B12 would create a foundation for strong skin, hair, and nails. The cells that create your nails, skin, and hair reproduce at a rapid rate. With B12 injections, reproduction is supported with the nutrients it needs to produce healthier cells with more oxygen. 

If you’re someone who struggles with loss of hair, thin nails, and unhealthy skin, B12 shots can be a game-changer. 

If you’re still unsure about how B12 injections can help you, we’d love to chatespecially if you’re considering B12 shots to alleviate symptoms of a disorder or illness. 

We look forward to helping you feel strong and healthy! 

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