Revive and Refresh: Try Lactated Ringers for Hangover Relief in 2023!

Why Should You Get
IV Therapy?

What Are IV Therapy Treatments Used For?

IV therapy treatments are an effective and fast way to bounce back from or prevent an illness, to support optimal wellness, and to recover from an athletic event. IV therapy treatments infuse the bloodstream with fluids, medications, electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins through an IV catheter. The ingredients of an IV therapy treatment vary based on the reason a person is receiving IV therapy.

Migraine Relief IV Therapy Treatment

Migraines are absolutely debilitating — and finding relief can feel impossible. This is where IV therapy treatments shine. Since the nutrients of an IV are absorbed directly in the bloodstream, relief from painful migraines comes fast. IV Revival has created a special IV therapy treatment specifically for migraines. The Migraine Relief IV is formulated to not only deliver “ahhh”s, but to also decrease the frequency of migraine attacks.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
A double dose of Magnesium to relax nerves and muscles
B complex for energy and to metabolize nutrients
A non-narcotic pain/anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief


Whether you over indulged or had just one too many drinks, hangovers happen and they hit hard. However, IV therapy treatments make it easy to bounce back from a hard-hitting hangover in an hour or less. Imagine hanging out on the couch, receiving IV therapy from one of our nurses, and slowly coming back to life again. The Hangover Helper makes that possible. The Hangover Helper is Arizona’s most effective IV therapy treatment for combatting debilitating hangovers.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
B12 & B Complex for energy and mood
Anti-nausea medication
Non-narcotic pain/anti-inflammatory medication
Glutathione to help detox the body from the toxic effects of alcohol

Cold, Flu, and General Immunity

Nothing is worse than being bed bound for days on end because you have the flu. Extreme nausea, vomiting, muscle soreness and more can dissipate with the help of IV therapy. The best part? You can feel the effects of IV therapy within 45 minutes.

The Immunity Booster, Arizona’s most effective IV therapy treatment for combatting the flu, is chock-full of everything your body needs to recover from illness. Consider the Immunity Booster for fighting off the common cold, the flu, or another illness that has you grasping for relief.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
Quadruple dose of Vitamin C for immunity
Zinc for cell growth and healing
B12 & B Complex to fight fatigue and provide energy
Magnesium for muscle relaxation
Double dose of Glutathione for antioxidants


Dehydration is the #1 reason why people seek out IV therapy. The dry climate of the desert makes it incredibly easy to become dehydrated. Simply staying outside in the sun too long is enough to do it. Dehydration affects everything — mood, appetite, muscle fatigue, mental clarity, and beyond.

Replenish, our basic hydration IV therapy treatment, has everything the body needs to get rehydrated again.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration support.

Athletic Performance and Recovery

Athletes can improve their performance and recover from an athletic event with IV therapy. IV therapy treatments can replace the nutrients lost in the body and provide extra support for an event ahead. If you’re serious about hitting PRs and crushing the competition, IV therapy treatments are a great addition to your training regimen.

Because Arizona is a hotspot for athletic events, IV Revival has a special IV therapy treatment specifically for athletes. Revive, our Performance Booster, is jam-packed with the nutrients athletes need to not only win, but recover like a champion.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
B12 and B complex for energy, uplifted mood, combats anxiety/depression, improves cognitive function and boosts immune system

Low Energy, Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Fatigue

IV therapy treatments can be a catalyst in getting your energy back, fighting off chronic pain, alleviating allergy symptoms, and more. If you notice that you can’t seem to feel “awake” after a full night’s rest, or simply can’t keep your energy levels up, we suggest trying IV therapy. If you suffer from horrible allergies, IV therapy can help, too. Chronic pain? You guess it — IV therapy treatments can do the trick.

For those who suffer from the listed symptoms, we recommend The Myers Cocktail IV therapy treatment, Renew.

Renew is a fix-all treatment and a popular go-to for folks who just want to feel better.

1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
B12 for energy
B complex for mood stability, cognitive function, and immunity boosting
Magnesium for muscle relaxation
Vitamin C for immunity
Glutathione for antioxidants
Zinc for tissue healing and immunity


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