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Replenish IV Treatment

Arizona’s Most Effective IV Therapy Treatment for Basic Hydration

IV Revival’s replenish iv treatment

Feel Like Yourself Again

Hydration is the powerhouse and backbone of our body’s ability to function properly. It depicts everything from endurance, to how we feel throughout the day and how productive we can be at work. Most people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. What’s worse is that it can be challenging to get re-hydrated in dry climates such as the Phoenix desert.

Signs of Dehydration Look Like:


Impaired decision making

Disturbed sleep patterns

Irritable Mood

Feelings of hunger

Decreased endurance

Decreased stamina

Muscle fatigue and slow recovery

Decreased ability to manage stress and emotions

The Replenish IV treatment is the go-to treatment for people looking for basic re-hydration without any added supplements. When you can’t catch up, the Replenish IV treatment is the remedy you need.

You Don’t Have to Suffer

Recover and Feel
Your Best — Quickly.

The Replenish IV treatment consists of 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid. Lactated Ringer’s fluid replaces electrolyte loss and acts as an alkalizing agent, increasing the pH levels in the body.

dehydration can make everything hard

You Don’t Have to Feel Crappy

Bounce back from dehydration with an IV treatment that will support cognitive function, mood, and basic bodily functions. Looking for more than just basic re-hydration? Our Replenish IV can be customized by adding in any of our supplement or medication add-ons. And because all of the nutrients in an IV therapy are absorbed through the bloodstream, you can be sure that not a drop goes to waste.

All we need is 45 minutes and we will have you feeling like yourself again.

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