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Delivering In-Home IV Therapy Anywhere in Chandler

IV Revival is a team of registered nurses with over 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. As a mobile service, our team will deliver IV therapy to you anywhere in Chandler and beyond. IV Revival’s IV therapy treatments alleviate symptoms from dehydration, hangovers, chronic illnesses, food poisoning, and more.

Whether you had one whiskey too many at The Brickyard or are dehydrated from a sporting event, let us help you feel like yourself again. IV therapy delivers immediate relief within an hour— so why suffer when you can get on with your day instead?

Fast and Effective Relief for Dehydration

Chandler’s Most Requested IV Therapy Treatment - Renew IV

Downtown Chandler has become a hot spot for visitors of the valley and locals alike. With beautiful weather that draws athletes and sports fans, to the exciting nightlife, Chandler has a lot to offer. However gorgeous, the great outdoors in the Arizona sun threatens desert dwellers with severe dehydration.

So whether you have fallen victim to too much fun in the sun, feel exhausted from an athletic event, or simply had a beer too many at The Perch, IV Revival is here to save the day. The Renew IV, the celebrated Myers cocktail plus glutathione, is a fast and effective solution to alleviate discomfort caused by dehydration. Say goodbye to your headache, nausea, fatigue, and muscle soreness in less than an hour.

Seriously— it works that fast.  Best part? We come to you.

The Renew IV includes 1 liter of pH balanced fluid with electrolytes, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B complex, B12, zinc, and a glutathione push.


We’re Known for Being Professional, Compassionate, and FAST —

Whether you’re trying to kick a nasty hangover from a night out at West Gate or recovering from a migraine, IV therapy has the essential vitamins and nutrients to get back to what matters most.

Jennifer FernandezJennifer Fernandez
23:02 24 Oct 22
Very fast service and my nurse was so friendly. I got the basic hydration with a vitamin c boost due to having the flu. It helped so much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Sarah SilverSarah Silver
22:11 02 Aug 22
Mark was so great! Professional and did a great job sticking me as I have small veins and prone to fainting. They got me scheduled and hour after I called. Highly recommend!
Hannah CissellHannah Cissell
16:36 22 May 22
I’ve had IV Revival come to my home twice now and both experiences were fantastic! I had Stephanie both times and she is great!! Super nice, easy to talk to and makes the process so easy! 10 out of 10 recommend!!!
Rachael DrummondRachael Drummond
01:00 07 Feb 22
This is our second time having IV Revival come to our home for Myers+ IVs. Our first nurse was Mark, today we have Abbie, both are excellent! Kind, informative, and gentle. We’re are super pleased with each service and with refer them and use them in the future! Thank you IV Revival!
Joselyn SantoJoselyn Santo
19:10 09 May 21
IV Revival was quite the treat! I was able to schedule a SAME DAY appointment!! Mark was extremely flexible and offered to come earlier than my scheduled appointment, because he had time between appointments. Actually getting the IV placed went very smooth and Mark was gentle. He made sure I was comfortable and happy during the treatment and we had great conversation while we waited. I felt amazing after the treatment and I would highly recommend IV Revival to anyone that's thinking about it. Thanks again Mark and IV Revival 💚


Seven years and thousands of IV starts later, our team of experienced nurses understand what your body needs to feel better. When scheduling your appointment, our team will inquire about your symptoms and the cause. This allows us to recommend the right treatment for you and to help you to feel better as soon as possible. IV Revival’s IV therapy treatments ease discomforts like nausea, migraines, hangover, fatigue, brain fog, and more.

That’s why folks who spend time in the desert love IV therapy. Imagine bouncing back from a hangover, food poisoning, or heat exhaustion, all within an hour— because with IV therapy, that’s all it takes. IV therapy works quickly because the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your body needs to heal are administered directly through an IV and into your bloodstream.

Our Team of Registered Nurses
will deliver IV therapy to
wherever you are in Chandler:

Your couch

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Your wherever


Save Up to 20%

Groups of two people or more can save up to 20% with IV Revival’s group discount.

Not the only one feeling dehydrated? We’ve got you covered, Chandler. Our group discounts make it easy to save big and feel better together. Contact us if you have any questions about rates or the process for booking for a group.

Fast and Efficient

Chandler Loves Our Mobile IV Therapy Service Because We Deliver Relief — Fast.

Whether combating symptoms from a chronic illness or bouncing back from food poisoning, IV therapy is proven to work quickly. All it takes is 45 minutes!

Our IV therapy treatments can also help with the following symptoms and more:




Athletic Performance

Athletic Recovery



Food Poisoning

Side Effects of cancer treatments

Low Energy

Scheduling is Easy!

1. Choose your treatment.
2. Select an add-on if you’d like one
3. Find the date and time that works best for you
4. Enter your contact information and you’re ready to go!


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Receiving IV Therapy in Chandler is Effortless!

It only takes about 45 minutes to feel better after receiving IV therapy.
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