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Revive IV Treatment

Arizona's Favorite IV Therapy Treatment for Energy and Cognitive Function

feel your very best

Combat Fatigue
and Anxiety

Revive is full of nutrients that support energy, mood, sleep, and brain function. Revive also reduces anxiety and depression while detoxifying the body.

That’s why REVIVE is so popular. It’s Phoenix’s one-stop-shop IV therapy that guarantees you’ll feel amazing and never miss a beat.

Dehydration Affects the Body by:

Increased body temperature

Loss of concentration

Reduction in blood volume

Extreme fatigue

Slower reaction times

Restricting the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream

Athletic Performance and Recovery

Revive is the Number One Mobile IV Treatment for Arizona Athletes

Athletes perform the best when they are hydrated. Crush the competition and recover like a pro with nutrients designed to support hydration, detoxification, and mood.

Treatment Includes:

  • 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for electrolytes and hydration
  • B12 and B complex for energy, fights anxiety/depression, mood stability, improves cognitive function and boosts immune system

Feel energized and hydrated

Feel Your Best with Revive

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