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Immunity Booster
IV Treatment

Arizona’s Most Powerful IV Therapy Treatment for Kicking a Cold or the Flu

IV Revival’s Immunity Booster

Get Back on Your
Feet Again

Nothing is worse than being stuck at home and feeling like you can’t get better fast enough. Sometimes a nasty cold or flu can last well over a week. And unfortunately, life doesn’t stop just because you have. Get back to normalcy with the help of our most powerful IV treatment, the Immunity Booster. The Immunity Booster is jam-packed with everything your body needs to either prevent sickness or bounce back from a debilitating flu, cold, or illness.

Feel Better Fast

The Immunity Booster helps fight off illness with the following ingredients:

  • 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
  • Quadruple dose of Vitamin C for immunity
  • Zinc for cellular growth and healing
  • B12 & B Complex to help fight energy and fatigue, promote a healthy metabolism, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, and improve memory, mood, blood, DNA, and immune function
  • Magnesium, a smooth muscle relaxant for pain and migraines
  • Double dose of Glutathione for antioxidants

You Don’t Have to Suffer

Get the boost you need to get back
to life with the Immunity Booster.

A bad cold or flu can leave you bed bound for over a week. Say no to sickness with an IV treatment that will help you feel like yourself again.

The Immunity Booster is chock-full of the nutrients your body needs to recover. And because all of the vitamins and nutrients in an IV therapy are absorbed through the bloodstream immediately, you can be sure that not a drop goes to waste. Normal, every-day life is right around the corner.

Has the Whole House Got a Cold?

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