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5 Ways to Feel Your Best This Holiday Season

The holidays can be stress-inducing, making it hard to feel your best. Stress can cause anyone to become susceptible to sickness and fatigue. 

Seeing family and friends is what makes the holiday season so joyous. It feels good to connect with people you haven’t seen in months, catch up over a beer or two, and give a hug. However, with Covid still looming and flu season at its peak, getting sick is a severe threat.

And nothing ruins a holiday more than feeling down and unable to participate in festivities— especially if you have immuno-compromised people in your life that you can’t put at risk. 

However, with the help of an IV infusion and a few healthy habits, it’s possible to dodge getting sick this winter. Read more to learn how these simple tips can keep you feeling your best throughout the holidays.

1. IV Infusions To Feel Your Best

IV Infusions can support a healthy immune system with Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, and other important vitamins. Since IV treatments are absorbed through the bloodstream, the benefits can be felt immediately. If you’re feeling sluggish, can’t seem to kick a sore throat, or need to rehydrate, IV therapy will make you feel better.

Our recommendation? IV Revival’s Immunity Booster.


Our Immunity Booster IV infusion is packed with powerful nutrients so that you can prevent illness or recover from a set-back. 

The treatment includes:

  • 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for hydration
  • Quadruple dose of Vitamin C for immunity support
  • Zinc to strengthen the immune system 
  • B12 for energy and metabolism
  • B complex for mood support 
  • Magnesium to ease discomfort in mind and body
  • Double dose of Glutathione for strong antioxidants 

Each nutrient is absorbed through the bloodstream, ensuring that you don’t waste a drop of the good stuff. Take preventative measures against illness or recover from one with the Immunity Booster IV treatment. If you have questions about which treatment is right for you, reach out to us so that we can help.

2. Sleep

It’s important to prioritize sleep during times of stress, because rest is how our bodies recover. Adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep, especially during stressful times such as the holidays. 

While we sleep, our bodies:

  • Process information from the day 
  • Releases hormones for cognitive and bodily functions
  • Relax the sympathetic nervous system
  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Release cytokines to strengthen the immune system

Get serious about prioritizing sleep. Make sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, allowing the body to fall into a consistent rhythm. Keep your room cool (between 60-67 degrees), and ensure the bedroom is as dark as possible.

Finally, allow the digestive system to relax by eating your final meal of the day 2-3 hours before bedtime. Doing so allows the body to truly shut down for sleep instead of digesting food.

3. Exercise

The holidays can be an incredibly hectic time, making exercise hard to manage. However, even just 20-25 minutes of exercise can help strengthen your immune system, aid in managing stress, and will boost cognitive function.

Consider going for walks with your family or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Although rigorous exercise will flood your body with feel-good endorphins, so will briskly walking in your neighborhood. Looking for a quick and efficient workout to get your heart rate up? We recommend this 20 minute low intensity, body weight workout.

4. Spend Time In Sunshine

The health benefits of the sun are undeniable. Vitamin D, dubbed “the sunshine vitamin”, is activated in our bodies by UVB rays from the sun. When UVB is absorbed, our bodies convert a cholesterol to a pre-vitamin D3.

The pre-vitamin D3 then becomes vitamin D3 in the skin, and then travels in the bloodstream for a few days. Once in the liver, two metabolic conversions happen in order to produce calcitriol. Calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D and binds to vitamin D receptors throughout the entirety of the body. 

When the body is sufficient in vitamin D3, it’s easier to combat fatigue and to maintain mental health in the wake of mental and physical stress. 

Chemical reactions from sunlight in the body are called photoproducts. The following are more, but not all, of the beneficial photoproducts gained from exposure to sunlight:

  • Beta Endorphins (BE), increases relaxation, eases physical pain, promotes happy feelings.
  • Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH), supports a healthy immune system and decreases inflammation.
  • Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (CGRP), decreases the likelihood of hypertension and helps regulate the immune system.

Sunshine is literal medicine. Make sure to get outside and get some sun this season.

 5. Make Time to Be with Yourself

Making time to be with yourself is the ultimate form of self-care. If you can, try to eat alone when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or sit alone for a while. Closing your eyes and taking deep breaths is helpful in centering yourself and remaining calm.

The energy of the holidays can be sneaky, suddenly taking over our schedules and manipulating our healthy habits. Take time to center yourself this season so that you can be your very best. 

Ready to feel your best?

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