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Battling Flu Season

After a restless night of sleep, you awake sweaty with an achy body. The thought of ingesting anything makes you extremely nauseous and you feel as if you’re on the verge of dying. You open WebMD to check your symptoms and accidentally diagnose yourself with the Bubonic Plague. It’s officially flu season: the only season throughout the year that Americans don’t look forward to. For years you’ve stuck to the tradition of chicken noodle soup, over-the-counter medicines, and lots of bed rest – but with such a busy schedule, who has the time to miss work and all the other pressing tasks that need to be done?

Statistically, the flu is absolutely no joke. 80,000 people were claimed by the acute disease alone in 2017, and fatalities were found to be more than double than that of car accidents. Disease defense and prevention is crucial to the longevity of your health and the people around you. While many receive the flu shot ahead of the fall and winter months, the flu vaccine may not be enough.

What is the flu?

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a very contagious infection caused by Influenza A and B viruses spread through the upper and/or lower respiratory systems. The flu is typically transmitted in large groups of people that spend time in close contact, such as subways, large venues, or most commonly in the workplace. The virus can be spread through physical contact with someone that is contaminated or through inhaling air particles virally. Anyone can transmit the flu, but it can also be fatal to those that are already carrying chronic ailments such as heart disease, HIV, and diabetes.

Winning the Fight

As the dreaded flu season comes to fruition, people turn to natural remedies and medicines to help them on their path to recovery. Flu medicines, teas, and other common household items such as honey, lemon, ginger, and olive leaf extract are very popular ways to get essential vitamins and nutrients into your system. Unfortunately, many of these nutrients are broken down by the GI tract and are diluted prior to entering the bloodstream, minimizing their effectiveness.

Along with the aches, nausea, chills, and everything else associated with the flu, just going to the store to stock up on Campbell’s soup, Nyquil, and all the Kleenex you can find can be the ultimate turning point of exhaustion. One extremely effective method that people often overlook is IV hydration therapy, which has been used and preferred by naturopathic doctors since the invention of the Myers cocktail in the 1940’s. Since it’s introduction, IV treatment has been incredibly effective and safe for those battling illness and for those that are looking to avoid acute diseases altogether. The immune boosting super nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream making its healing properties felt almost immediately.

IV Revival’s REVIVE Custom Treatment is a 1-liter pH balanced solution loaded with electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins that are specifically concocted to get you out of the bed and back on your feet. Not only does the treatment bring new life to individuals suffering from the flu, it can be administered from the comfort of your own home. IV Revival’s MOBILE treatment (REVIVE CUSTOM TREATMENT) includes the flowing supplements:

  • All B Vitamins (including B-12): Improves mood and sleep/brain functions, detoxifies the body

  • Vitamin C: Immune boosting functions increasing the resistance to infection

  • Magnesium: Smooth muscle relaxant used to treat chronic pain, cramps, asthma, and muscle discomfort

Don’t get bit by the flu bug. Avoid the gross symptoms altogether and ride the bench this flu season. IV hydration is one of the safest ways to compensate for lost nutrients that are essential to putting you right back out where you need to be. IV Revival was started by nurse anesthetists that recognized the need to bridge the gap between affordable health care and in-home assistance. Our team of experts combined with our proprietary IV treatments will get you feeling like you can conquer the world again.

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