Unforgettable 2023 Work Holiday Party: Exciting Activities to Spark Joy!

Office Holiday Party Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner, meaning plenty of parties to attend including your office party. Holiday office parties bring holiday cheer and boost morale. Your team will be excited to have a little break and get time to spend together outside of work. Hosting a holiday party for the office allows employees to come together and get to know each other better. Whether you decide to rent a venue, have your party at the office, or a night at the CEO’s house, with these ideas, your employees are guaranteed to have a great time!

Everyone wants their holiday party to be memorable so we’re here to help put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Masquerade Ball

Having a masquerade ball brings your office holiday party to a whole new level of fun! You can plan a theme around the ball, whether it be a Winter Wonderland or a Venetian gathering your employees will have the time of their lives. Depending on the formality level you want you can mention in invitations that the party will be black tie or dressy casual. Whether you rent a venue or use a space in your office be sure to decorate according to your theme. Send your employees themed invitations for the masquerade a month or two in advance. This will give everyone ample time to plan the perfect outfit and find a babysitter if necessary. Be sure to provide easy to eat foods for masks and great beverages. Adding a photo booth can be a fun addition for your employees and guests to remember the night!

Casino Night

Who doesn’t love to get dressed up and play a few card games?! Create your office or venue to look like a real Vegas Casino. Bright lights, casino inspired foods, and plenty of beverages. If it can be included in your budget, hiring real dealers can make the night extra special; otherwise, volunteered employees will work just as well! You want to have games set up as they would be in a Vegas casino. You can rent equipment for games such as Blackjack and Poker to make it even more fun and realistic. At the end of the night you can give away prizes to the players who won the most games or won the most chips. Real gambling may not be legal depending on your state, so consider giving gifts that include extra PTO or even a basket with some holiday foods, drinks, and gift cards. Check out Arizona Casino Events for your Casino Theme Night!

Volunteer Teamwork

A great way to celebrate and prepare for the holidays is through volunteer work! You can volunteer at a Goodwill or Salvation Army to help organize before the holidays, or work at a local food shelter. Another great volunteer strategy is to set up donation boxes throughout the office for toys, clothes, and food. Consider working with local shelters such as A New Leaf, which houses parents and children. You can even ask your local shelters what they are in need of most during the holiday seasons to ensure your donations are well received.

If you decide to do some volunteer work as an office, consider making it a competition. You can have each department team up and whoever brings the most toys, clothes, or food cans is able to get a few extra days of PTO. Volunteering will make everyone in the office feel extra grateful. During the holiday season and well into the new year.

Virtual Secret Santa

Do you have a few remote employees who will miss all the office holiday fun? Whether you are a big or small office remote employees have become very common in today’s world of technology. To help ensure that your remote employees are included in the holiday fun have the whole office participate in Virtual Secret Santa. Applications like Slack have extensions within them for Secret Santa gift exchanges. You want to be sure everyone has sent and received their gift before your office party, but be sure no one opens them until the big reveal. You can also include Zoom during your party for the remote employees to feel as though they are there for the festivities and the opening of gifts.

Hot Chocolate Bar

One way to spread some holiday cheer is through a hot chocolate bar in your office! At the end of the day let everyone finish their work and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. Be sure to add a little Bailey’s or Bourbon to make a nice spiked hot cocoa. Follow this recipe from Bon Appetit to ensure your employees enjoy their spiked drink. When preparing this recipe, make sure to also have alcohol free hot chocolate on hand for any employees that may decide not to drink.

IV Revival Afterparty

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