2023 Flu Outbreak: Stay Healthy and Protected with These IV Treatments

How IV Infusion Therapy Can Prevent the Flu

We often talk about how IV infusion therapy can help people bounce back from illness—but what about preventing illness?

IV infusion therapy is most often considered a method for recovery, not prevention. But what if you gave yourself extra vitamin C, hydration, and B12 before you got sick? Receiving regular IV infusion therapy will supercharge the immune system as well as improve hydration levels and vitamin resources.

All of IV Revival’s IV treatments are created to support the immune system and help the body help itself. IV treatments are full of electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that the body needs to function at its best. With the stress of the holidays, spending time out with people and celebrating, our bodies could definitely use the extra boost of support. 

IVs are more effective than oral meditation because the vitamins and nutrients in the IV bag are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This allows the body to experience relief quickly— creating a wave of good feelings immediately.

And when it comes to preventative care, the same is true: your body will absorb all of the nutrients in your IV treatment, strengthening the immune system immediately. So much of the nutrients consumed in oral vitamins are lost in the digestive tract. IVs ensure you don’t miss a drop.

The following is a list of IV treatments we recommend for preventative care. 


Replenish is our most basic IV therapy treatment, consisting of 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid. Lactated Ringers Fluid is full of saline, electrolytes, and reduces acidity in the body. If you want to avoid dehydration and inflammation, Replenish is a fantastic preventative measure to avoiding the flu and staying hydrated. 

We often suggest specific add-ons for treatments, depending on a person’s illness. Add-ons are specific supplements we can add to your treatment. For preventative measures, we recommend a vitamin C add-on for the Replenish treatment. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and helps in the recovery from infection. Vitamin C also protects against a wide range of diseases including the flu and common cold.

Zinc is another powerhouse add-on that will support a healthy immune system, too.  Zinc is an essential enzyme that facilitates healing, helps recovery from sickness, and supports a healthy immune system and metabolism function.

Since we only collect payment at the time of appointment, clients can select add-ons the day of their appointment or even while we are on site. However, add-ons can’t be purchased singularly. They must accommodate a treatment.’

Immunity Booster

The Immunity Booster IV infusion works wonders for the body, and is the most powerful way you can combat the cold or flu. This is the most potent treatment we offer and it is highly effective when it comes to fighting off illness and staying as healthy as possible.

The power-packed Immunity Booster IV infusion has the following ingredients to support a healthy immune system:

  •  1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid for continued hydration.
  •  Quadruple dose of Vitamin C for optimum immune system support.
  •  Zinc, a powerful enzyme that increases metabolic function and strengthens the immune system.
  •  B12 & B Complex for mood and energy support, memory, and metabolism.
  •  Magnesium relaxes muscles, treats migraines, pain, asthma, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia,  menstrual cramps, constipation and high blood pressure. 
  •  Double dose of Glutathione boosts the immune system by building and repairing tissues.

The Immunity Booster is a potent IV infusion that has the ability to keep the flu at bay. Wondering if this is the IV treatment for you? We’re happy to answer any questions. 

Become a Member

Did you know that IV Revival has a monthly membership? For a low monthly fee, members save big on our Renew IV therapy treatment. Our membership is a fantastic program for those who want to stay hydrated and battle off illness, especially throughout the holiday season.

Renew is a Myers cocktail that we finish off with an IV push of glutathione, AKA our “fix all” IV infusion. This treatment not only boosts the immune system, but aids in relieving hangovers and dehydration, too. Renew is also a popular solution for those struggling with an array of acute and chronic diseases including allergies, asthma, chronic pain and fatigue.

When booking for your appointment, make sure to check out our long list of add-ons. Add-ons can’t be purchased as single doses, but are meant to accommodate the IV treatment you’ve selected for your appointment. Check out our page for tons of information about add-ons, and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.


Stay healthy this season. 

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