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How To Choose the Right IV Infusion for You

Signing up for your first IV infusion can feel exciting, or can cause anxiety. When choosing the right IV treatment for you, it’s important to first consider your ‘why’. How do you want to feel after the IV treatment— and what exactly are you trying to treat?

Whether you’re a person looking for relief from a chronic illness or simply wanting to feel more hydrated, IV hydration therapy at home can deliver great benefits that make a difference. Read below to learn about common IV infusions and how we can help you choose the right treatment for you.

IV Infusions For Dehydration

Being dehydrated can feel pretty awful— and it can happen fast. Hydration affects moods, hunger, sleep cycles, joint lubrication, how well nutrients are delivered to our cells, and so much more. Have you ever been in a bad mood, drank some water, and felt better? That’s the power of hydration helping you to stabilize and get in balance again.

Dehydration can also strike when you’re sick, especially with illnesses that cause you to lose a lot of fluids through urination, diarrhea, and vomiting. Or in instances when you’re unable to drink or eat. Reaching this level of dehydration can not only be uncomfortable but potentially dangerous. 

So how can IV infusions help to ease dehydration?

IV hydration therapies are a popular way of receiving hydration, supplements, and medication because they work fast. With an IV, your body will absorb close to 100% of the medication vs only 60-70% when taken orally. The good stuff is swept up into your bloodstream immediately, and in most cases, only takes a few minutes to take action in the body.


Few things suck as bad as a terrible hangover. What’s worse, finding relief from a hangover can feel impossible. Hangovers can last for up to 72 hours—which means a person can experience severe discomforts like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and inflammation for several days. 

While our Hangover Helper isn’t an ideal fix for every time you drink, it can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling especially terrible and need relief immediately. What’s even better is IV Revival is mobile— meaning we administer this treatment and other IV hydration treatments to you at your home.

No need to brave the sun, drive, or make serious decisions like putting on clothes for the outside world. We do prefer you have pajamas on (at least), but we will come to you so that you can relax and feel better.

Our Hangover Helper includes 1 liter lactated Ringer’s fluid, B12, B complex, anti-nausea medication, non-narcotic pain medication, anti-inflammatory, and glutathione. 

If you’re experiencing heartburn or tense muscles, you can also add vitamin C, magnesium, or anti-heartburn medications, among many other options for extra added relief as well.

IV Infusion for Migraines

Nothing is as debilitating as a migraine. Some migraines bring people to vomit, lose their vision for a short period of time, and cause dehydration, or loss of appetite. The list goes on. It’s hard to concentrate, work, or be a functioning human when you’re in the grips of a migraine.

IV hydration therapy can bring you back to life when you’re experiencing a migraine. IV infusions can help to make migraines happen less often as well. When you’ve got a terrible migraine, driving a car can be impossible — that’s why we come to you.

IV Revival’s Migraine Relief treatment consists of 1 liter of lactated Ringer’s IV fluid, with a double dose of Magnesium included. Magnesium allows the body to relax the nerves and muscles. B complex and a non-narcotic pain reliever/anti-inflammatory seal the deal.

If you’re enduring a migraine that just won’t quit, let us save the day with our Migraine Relief treatment. You can thank us later!


Calling all athletes! What if you could sleep well, reduce anxiety, and perform at your best before every game? Or feel really good after? That’s exactly what our Revive IV infusion was designed to do. Make you feel great!

Revive is a treatment made of 1 liter of lactated Ringer’s IV fluid, B12, and B complex. B 12 and B complex is included because of the way those vitamins support sleep and brain function and relieve anxiety and depression. Lactated Ringer’s fluid takes care of the rest with its ultra-hydrating components.

Detox your body, sleep like a champion, and kill the competition with the help of our Revive IV Infusion! 

Receive Your IV Infusion at Home

IV Revival is a mobile service with nurses who come to your home and do the work of getting you better. We understand that most people who order our services are not feeling great. There is no need to get dressed up or feel shame for being unwell and not looking your best.

We understand. Seriously!

We are compassionate, empathetic humans who look forward to helping you feel like yourself again. Check out our list of treatments and let us know how we can serve you!

Ready to feel your best?

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