2023 Bachelorette Drinks: Unforgettable Night of Fun!

How to Survive a Bachelorette Party

It’s January in Arizona, meaning spring is on its way — and with it, wedding season. But before you join your girlfriends and their new spouses on their big day, you might be asked to participate in a bachelorette party. Depending on the kind of friends you have, the bachelorette party you attend may feel like a marathon of drinking and trying to remember where your ID is.

In short, bachelorette parties can be a doozy.

IV Revival has delivered IV therapy to Scottsdale residents and visitors since 2016, so we know very well how crazy bachelorette season can be. Scottsdale is #2 in the nation for bachelorette parties (Nashville is #1), so we have seen it all. Literally.

From the non-drinking, hiking type of ladies who like to celebrate on a long trail in the sun to the gals who partied just a little too hard, everyone seems to require one thing to recover: hydration.

Staying hydrated is the name of the game if you wish to not only survive a bachelorette party— but to enjoy it, too. Because let’s be honest: It is difficult to have fun at brunch the next morning when you are trying to keep your vomit down.

Hangovers are the worst. 

Please read below for three tried and true tips to help you survive a raucous bachelorette party.

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1.Drink Water In-Between Cocktails

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes you use the bathroom frequently. And most times, when people drink alcohol, they aren’t drinking much water. So the more alcohol they drink, the more electrolytes they remove from their bodies. When you are not drinking water, you are not replenishing the hydration you are losing.

That is why drinking water in-between alcoholic beverages is essential to avoiding a soul-crushing hangover in the morning. Try the 1:1 rule; for every alcoholic drink you ingest, take a break on the next one and drink a glass of water instead. Following the 1:1 rule in the midst of drinking can feel very challenging, but trust us on this one. 

Pro Tip:

Challenge yourself and your friends to a water-chug-challenge. When you finish an alcoholic drink, have you and your friends chug a glass of water. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

2. IV Therapy

IV therapy is an amazing service to receive when you are hungover or just plain dehydrated. Most people feel significant relief just an hour after receiving IV therapy. IV therapy is effective because it delivers vitamins, electrolytes, nutrients, and medications directly into the bloodstream. No having to swallow pills and wait to feel benefits. With IV therapy, relief is immediate. 

Keep in mind that IV therapy works wonders for rehydration, no matter the cause. If your friends aren’t the drinking type, but rather the we-hiked-20-miles-in-a-day type, we recommend our popular IV treatment called Replenish. Replenish is our basic rehydration treatment that will infuse the body with everything it needs to bounce back from a day in the sun.

For drinkers, IV Revival has a special concoction specifically designed to relieve hangovers, called the Hangover Helper. The Hangover Helper is packed with the nutrients your body needs to stabilize itself again and get back to normal. Anti nausea medications help to calm the stomach,, magnesium will relax the muscles and calm anxiety, and 1 liter Lactated Ringers IV fluid replenishes electrolytes. 

Imagine hanging out on the couch with your crew after a long night out drinking, or a long day in the sun. Everyone feels like total crap, but are still trying to rally for more. The doorbell rings, and the IV Revival mobile nurses come in and set up their IV poles. Your whole girl gang receives the Hangover Helper, and within an hour, everyone feels so much better. 

A couple hours later, you and your friends are sipping mimosas at Maple & Ash, marveling at how you rose from the grave that morning and are back at it again. 

If that sounds like the kind of morning you’d like to have after an eventful bachelorette party,  click here to schedule IV Revival for your bachelorette party. We deliver IV therapy anywherein the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Scottsdale and beyond.

The best part? We offer group discounts for parties of 2 or more.

3. Water-Rich Foods

Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking with an unquenchable thirst? As previously stated, it is because you are extremely dehydrated. And while drinking water, coconut water, sports drinks, and other electrolyte heavy liquids will help, so will eating water-rich foods.

Eating water-rich foods won’t erase your hangover but they can relieve symptoms. Consider eating melon, grapes, apples, cucumbers, and celery the next morning. Since these fruits are dense with water, they will help your liver process your alcohol. 

Although your body might be craving some, try not to eat uber-greasy foods. They will not help you to alleviate your hangover but will just make you feel lethargic.

Pro Tip:

Prepare watermelon agua fresca the night before you and your friends go out to celebrate. Make sure you refrigerate the fresca so that it’s extremely cold and refreshing the next morning. The mint in the drink will invigorate the senses, and the watermelon will bring hydration to the body.

Be Safe and Have Fun

We hope this how-to was insightful and helpful. Have fun out there, be safe, and drink lots of water. And don’t forget — IV Revival is just a phone call away.

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