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How To Have a Fun and Safe Labor Day

Labor Day is right around the corner. Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September, which falls on Sept. 7 this year! With the world still battling COVID, we at IV Revival wanted to share some tips on how to have a fun and safe Labor Day.

If you’re worried about COVID-19, there are plenty of things you can do to celebrate in a safe way, like have a few people over for an outside gathering, social distance, require a mask, have hand washing stations available and hand sanitizer. Try to avoid sharing items as much as possible and make there be one server, if food is available. No free-for-alls!

It is possible to have a fun and safe gathering during a pandemic. To make it the best Labor Day ever, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Don’t Drink and Drive

No matter the occasion, you should never drink and drive. According to the National Safety Council, more and more Americans are starting to follow this crucial law. Labor Day weekend car deaths have dropped significantly over the past 20 years: from 490 in 1996 to around 345 in 2017. Do your part in reducing the statistic even further by sleeping over if you plan on drinking or taking keys away from friends and family members if they’ve partaken in alcohol consumption.

Don’t Boat and Drive Either!

Drinking and driving a boat is just as dangerous as driving drunk. It’s illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated, and you can still get arrested for doing it. You also run the risk of drowning, boat accidents, or getting swept away in rougher water.

And, like always, wear a lifejacket when you’re aboard a boat or water vessel.

Watch the Weather

If you are planning an outdoor gathering, be mindful of the weather. If you see lightning, stay inside!

While your chances of being struck by lightning in any given year are one in 1.22 million, the odds are much higher for your home. The odds are higher if you’re near a conductor (metal or water), or are the tallest thing in the vicinity. Your home can be struck by lightning too! About 1 in 200 homes are struck by lightning every year, so if it happens, don’t touch electrical outlets.

If you’re outside and you hear thunder, you may want to cancel outdoor activities. To find out how far the storm is from you, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recommends counting the number of seconds that pass between a flash of lightning and the sound of thunder and dividing it by 5. If 15 seconds pass, it’s 5 miles away. If 1 second passes, it’s probably in your backyard.

Swim Safe and Wear Sunscreen

If the weather is clear, enjoy the outdoors. If you’re swimming, always remember to swim safely and never swim alone. In Arizona, watching for rip tides isn’t that much of a concern due to the lack of natural waterways, but always be mindful of signs! They can point out where the current gets stronger, where you shouldn’t swim, and other helpful pieces of advice so you can safely enjoy the water.

Don’t forget your sunscreen either! Nothing ruins a day faster than painful sunburn. You’ll want to apply it 15 minutes before you get into the water for maximum efficiency. If you burn easily, consider wearing a lightweight shirt, hat, and sunglasses to protect your skin while you’re in the water.

You can also get one of IV Revival’s vitamin C rich treatments, as vitamin C is proven to boost the effectiveness of sunscreen!

Stay Hydrated!

Labor Day weekend should be enjoyed to its fullest, but that can sometimes lead to overindulgence and a headache the following work day. Protect your body beforehand, during, and after, to avoid hangovers.

Alcohol is diuretic, meaning it dehydrates you by increasing your need to urinate. Dehydration can lead to nasty hangover symptoms, such as a headache, so combat those symptoms before they start by having plenty of water and electrolytes in your system.

We have an entire blog dedicated to hangover cures that actually work, so check that out too.

Finally, if you want a quick and efficient method of boosting your immune system, skin health, and hydration levels, contact IV Revival today for an appointment. Their nurses will come right to your home to administer the 45-60 minute treatment to ensure you’re ready for whatever Labor Day throws at you.

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