Valentine's Day 2023: Love Yourself and Discover True Happiness

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you love or hate the holiday, you can’t deny that love is in the air. Instead of turning into the typical romantic day for couples, maybe change it up this year and focus on learning to love yourself. You don’t need a relationship to be complete — all you need is yourself.

That’s why we at IV Revival are dedicating this blog to self-love habits that every person should adopt in their daily life. And what a better time to start than Valentine’s Day?

Stop Worrying About Others Opinion

In that same vein, don’t worry about what other people think of you or what they expect of you. While you can value their opinions, you should not base your decisions off of them or obsess over them to the point it impacts your emotional or mental wellbeing.

We’re socialized to be competitive, so comparing ourselves to others is natural and seeking out their affirmation is normal too. In reality, there is no point in comparing yourself to anyone because you are unique and your journey is unique. Everyone accomplishes their own goals on their own time.

That all being said, you can compare yourself to others in an inspiring manner. It’s all about how you phrase it. For example, let’s say your relative compares you to your younger cousin. You think either:

  1. She got married at 22 and has two kids. I’m 27 and single. My aunt is right. What am I doing with my life?

  2. She got married at 22 and has two kids. I’m 27 and single. I want what she has, but when I am ready for it.

The first example is disheartening and self destructive, while the second acknowledges your wants while also affirming that you’ll get there at your own pace. It also helps if you remind yourself that no one cares about where you are in life as much as you do — you are your own worst critic. So stop worrying about what other people think and keep focusing on yourself.

How do you take the first steps toward this? The first thing you have to accept is that you can’t make everyone happy. You can only work to make yourself happy, because true happiness comes from within.

Let Go Of Toxicity

In the same vein, you’re not responsible for what others put into the world. You don’t have to fix anyone, or stay with another who makes you feel terrible. Liberate yourself from toxic people and toxic environments and let yourself breathe freely again.

Always protect yourself first and continue to take steps that make you happy. It’s not rude or wrong to remove yourself from situations or the company of people who are draining you. You come first.

Let’s put it this way. You’re working at a job you hate, for a boss that works you too hard and with little praise. The only saving grace are your coworkers, who are under the same pressure and commiserate with you. They’re great people in terrible situations.

Do you stick it out with them and continue to share your misery, or do you take steps for yourself and leave?

You leave the situation behind as soon as you can! Your actions can also spark inspiration among your coworkers too! In many toxic situations, all it can take is one brave action to instigate change for those who deserve change. In this case, you leaving your job could inspire your friends to do the same.

Always find better opportunities. Always look for your own happiness, even if it means making hard decisions.

Stop Thinking in ‘Shoulds’

You should have done that. You shouldn’t have said that.

Stop thinking in “shoulds.” When you think this way, you’re fixating on little details in the past that you can’t change.

Instead of focusing on what you should or shouldn’t have done then, think of what you can do now to get closer to your goals. Remember that you are not the same person you were when you were in that “I should have” situation. You’re smarter, more experienced, and have the option to live in the past (the should), or the now (the I can). 

Choose to live in the now and choose to learn from mistakes instead of saying “I should have,” and we guarantee you’ll start seeing a more positive impact on how you view yourself and your experiences.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself First

You can’t take care of others if you do not take care of yourself. This means getting enough sleep, eating well, staying hydrated, and giving yourself time to recharge. If you don’t, you risk getting dick, feeling burnt out, or becoming frustrated with your current life situation. Things you love may turn into a chore instead of enjoyment.

This can happen to anyone at any time, no matter where you are in life. So remember to take time for yourself. You can read a book, take a bath, go on a walk, go on vacation, schedule an IV appointment to boost your energy, or spend time with friends and family. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s away from your stressors so you can fully enjoy it.

You deserve it, just like you deserve to love yourself. We hope this blog helped you get ideas for self-care and self-love, and, from us at IV Revival: Happy Valentine’s Day.

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