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Mobile IV Therapy for Relief Wherever You Need It

If you’ve been sick, dehydrated or hungover, you know how desperate you are for relief, but how little you want to leave your home to receive the care you need. Our registered nurses at IV Revival can bring relief to your house and administer it while you stay comfortable on your couch or in your bed.

We bring everything to you at a comfortable location of your choice. Mobile IV Treatments typically take 40 minutes to an hour. You can also choose to receive a shooter for energy boosts (5 times more potent than average vitamin B12 shots!) or anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory shots for quick relief.

Our treatments are mobile and can bring you the pain-free options to optimize your health, boost your athletic performance, or give you relief from illnesses or hangovers. Below are just a few reasons you should request an at-home appointment today.

Food Poisoning Relief

We all know how terrible food poisoning feels and how impossible it is to leave your home when it hits you.

Food poisoning symptoms can hit you within hours after eating the contaminated food. Symptoms include stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and dehydration. Because food poisoning often causes your body to cleanse itself, dehydration can become a risk if do not stay hydrated.

If you can’t keep food or water down, our Replenish IV hydration therapy treatment can help. Oftentimes, drinking water is not enough to recover from dehydration. Your body will need electrolytes and nutrients to fully recover.

Food poisoning is not a pleasant experience and often comes with body aches and nausea. IV Revival offers many different supplements and add-ons to alleviate nausea (ondansetron) and help with body aches and headaches (magnesium, curcumin, ketorolac).

Hydration therapy allows your body to quickly absorb the fluids and vitamins it needs. You won’t need to worry about losing what you just gained as the IV skips your stomach completely and places the fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

To read more about how IV Revival can help relieve your food poisoning symptoms, visit our past blog.

Flu Relief

Like with food poisoning, the flu can cause dehydration and lethargy. Plus, often make you feel feverish, soreness in your throat, body aches, sinus infections, fatigue, nausea and diarrhea.

Our menu offers numerous vitamins to shorten your flu and give you the relief you deserve. Some minerals, such as zinc, can boost your immune system and help prevent future flus too. Taking zinc through the first few days of a cold can shorten the duration of your symptoms.

Vitamin C is proven to shorten symptoms caused by the virus by 24-36 hours.

Glutathione is what IV Revival calls the “mother of antioxidants” because it boosts your immune system and repairs tissues. Taking it could prevent you from getting the flu as well.

Hangover Relief

We will never judge you if you partied too hard the night before — you had fun and we’re here to ensure that the day after isn’t ruined because of that. We know that everyone has their own hangover remedies.

fluid and electrolytes.

Revive is one liter of pH balanced fluid, electrolytes, B-complex and B12. It helps to re-energize you, improve your mood, improve your sleep and brain function, reduce anxiety/depression and detoxify your body. It’s just right for athletic preparation and recovery, as well as giving your hangover a swift kick out the door.

Relief Is Just One Call Away

We are just one call away from getting you back on your feet and living your best life. Our mobile services ensure you only have to leave your bed to answer the door — no trip to the pharmacy or doctor’s office is required!

Our therapy sessions can rehydrate you within an hour and optimizes your health with vitamin injections of your choice. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a boost before a big sports game, we have you covered.

Remember, we come to you! Request an appointment today online or by calling 602-600-6026.

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