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Delivering IV Therapy Anywhere in Scottsdale

You may think IV treatment is limited to lengthy hospital visits and serious illness. But IV therapy can help you feel better even when you’re just a little under the weather. IV Revival will come right to you with our mobile IV therapy in Scottsdale.

Why Choose IV Therapy In Scottsdale, AZ?

Whether you’re hungover, recovering from an intense workout, getting over the flu, or dealing with chronic illness, the right hydration and vitamins can get you back on your feet faster. Although chugging sports drinks and water can help, IV treatments are absorbed faster and more thoroughly. And with IV Revival, IV therapy is more accessible and convenient than ever.

Convenient Mobile Services in Scottsdale

Rather than try to travel while you’re not feeling well, let the IV Therapy come to you. IV Revival’s mobile services will come straight to your home, business, AirBnB, or hotel room, loaded with everything we need to give you fast relief. We’ll bring the equipment, your chosen treatment, any add-ons you’d like, and a registered nurse with extensive IV experience to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Feel Better Fast

Though you could just drink some water or an electrolyte drink, it won’t be absorbed nearly as quickly or efficiently. Since 100% of IV fluids are absorbed into your bloodstream, they get you hydrated fast — typically within about 35 minutes — so you can get back on your feet. Whether you’re working hard and need an energy boost, playing hard and want to keep the party going, or dealing with illness and just want some relief, mobile IV therapy can get you the vitamins and hydration you need to perk you right up.

More Than Hydration

Our IV treatments don’t just hydrate you. We offer six unique cocktails of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and even pain relievers for a more complete treatment of whatever is ailing you. Each treatment can also be customized with one of our add-ons, including anti-nausea medications, extra vitamins, and energy boosters such as taurine. Going beyond hydration helps us heal every part of you so you can get back to your life that much quicker.

Types of IV Therapy Treatments in Scottsdale

The IV Therapy provided by IV Revival is not just your grandma’s saline drip. Our IV treatments are loaded with vitamins, electrolytes, and pain relievers, so you’re more than hydrated. You’re on your way to recovery.

Scottsdale is a prime location for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Our sunny slice of paradise features tons of activities, including clubs, bars, sports, and golf courses so beautiful we’re famous for them. 

Whether the groom got a little too much sun practicing his golf swing, or the bride got too tipsy while doing karaoke, we have the treatment to get you back on your feet. 

[PRODUCT FEATURE] The Hangover Helper is one of our most popular treatments. It combines quick hydration with B vitamins to get your energy back up, anti-nausea meds to help you keep down your breakfast, pain relievers for that killer hangover headache, and glutathione, which helps clear your body of toxins like alcohol.

[PRODUCT FEATURE] If sports are on the agenda, hydration and muscle recovery are probably at the top of your list. Our Replenish IV solution offers basic hydration with key electrolytes to help you absorb and process fluids fast. Alternatively, our Revive IV therapy includes B12 and a B vitamin complex to restore your energy and get you back in the game.

For more intense recovery, the Renew IV treatment takes rehydration to the next level. Along with electrolytes, we add:

  • B vitamins to restore your energy
  • Magnesium to aid in muscle recovery
  • Vitamin C for an immunity boost
  • Zinc to help restore your cells
  • Glutathione to provide antioxidants that slow signs of aging and clear toxins such as alcohol or drugs

How to Find the Right IV Therapy Provider in Scottsdale

Choosing the right IV therapy provider can make all the difference. Look for a treatment option with experience, options, and flexibility.

Experienced, Registered Nurses

One of the most important factors for comfortable IV treatment is who’s administering it. Although any nurse can insert an IV, the more experienced they are, the easier it will go. IV Revival’s skilled nurses will check your vital signs and medical history, ensuring you’ll respond well to the treatment, before finding just the right vein for the job. Anxious around needles? Don’t worry, our IV needles are tiny, so you’ll barely feel a thing.

Plenty of Treatment Options

IV therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Your IV cocktail should be specially formulated to your needs. Our selection of six IV treatment options can be combined with any of our dozen or so add-ons for treatment that hits you right where it hurts, in the best way.

Superior Comfort & Flexibility

Though you could get your IV treatment from a hospital or urgent care center, that’s not the most comfortable solution. No one wants to wait around in a hospital lobby with a hangover or the flu. And if they’re busy, they may not prioritize your treatment, forcing you to wait hours for fluids in those uncomfortable waiting room chairs.

IV Revival’s mobile IV services will come straight to your door, wherever in Scottsdale that door may be. We’ll let you choose where to set up, whether that’s your bed, your couch, or even by the pool. If you want company, our IV nurses are friendly and happy to chat, but if you just want some peace and quiet, we’ll dim the lights and leave you alone. It’s entirely up to you.

We also offer flexible scheduling. Though we do book appointments in advance, if the date or time you need isn’t available, you can give us a call and we’ll work something out. We never want to leave you in pain if we can help.

Book Your Scottsdale IV Revival Appointment to Feel Better Fast

Whether you woke up with the flu or you’re planning for that bachelorette hangover weeks in advance, we’re here for you. Book an appointment through our convenient portal, or call our IV therapy Scottsdale team at  (602) 600-6026. Then just sit back and wait for us to arrive.

Bonus: groups get discounts! Book us for your whole office, bachelor party, or other event and get up to 20% off everyone’s treatments.