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Give Yourself a Boost For Spring Sports Training

It’s March and you know what that means — spring sports! It’s time to break out of hibernation and get moving again. Whether you kept busy this past winter or took time off, it’s important that you start slow so you don’t strain your body. If you want to recover faster or give your best performance right away, IV Revival can help.

The key to getting back into spring training is starting slow. You don’t want to over exert yourself or hurt yourself before the season begins. Start by measuring your body mass index (BMI), measuring your waist circumference (if you care to lose weight), time how long it takes you to run or walk a mile (to set a pace to beat), see how many pushups you can do at one time, and stretch. These activities will all get your body moving and help your muscles get used to physical activity without overdoing it.

This is important because when physical stress overloads an athlete’s body, their ability to perform decreases while their risk of injury increases. This is known as The Stress and Injury Model. The idea states that stress response increases general muscle tension in the body, which can result in reduced motor coordination and flexibility. It can also lead to lower reaction times.

So start slow and work up to your best performance of the season! There’s no need to burn yourself out so soon. If you notice you’re not performing as well as you’d like, consider your nutrition.

Good Nutrition Makes Good Athletes

When you’re working out, playing a sport, or training, your body will need more calories and protein to function at a higher level. It is never a good idea to limit your intake of carbs, protein, or fat when you’re putting this much pressure on your body. All of those are essential building blocks for muscle and performance.

The body’s digestive system is not always the most efficient at absorbing the vitamins and minerals your body needs. The digestive tract can absorb anywhere between 10-90% of what you eat before it is flushed out of your system. This means the electrolytes you’re drinking before a game to hydrate yourself, the fruits and vegetables you had as a snack earlier, and the carbs you had for dinner to stay energized are not providing you with the optimal results.

While it’s true that a balanced and consistent diet will have no problems fueling your body, it is normal for you to fall off that diet from time to time. Even professional athletes need alternative nutrition sources. That’s where IV Vitamin Therapy comes in.

Did you know that 24 out of 32 National Football League Teams utilize IV infusions for prehydration? In the NFL survey, the most commonly cited reason for this was to avoid muscle cramps — 23 out of the 24 teams claimed it helped. Of the 24 teams, an average of 5-7 athletes used the treatments prior to competing.

IV Vitamin Therapy through IV Revival can hydrate you and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs so help repair and relax muscles. Here’s how:

Vitamin B 12 and B-Complex reduce fatigue while improving memory. Female athletes, vegetarians, and vegans are at risk for B12 deficiency, which can lead to weakness and fatigue.

Magnesium helps relax your muscles after an intense workout. If you’re a wrestler or involved in weight-controlled activities, you will need 10-20% more magnesium intake than the average athlete.

Vitamin C is essential to helping you fight off colds. When your body is undergoing excessive stress, your risk of illness increases. Studies have shown that taking vitamin C while you’re sick can reduce the duration of your illness by up to 24 hours.

So now that the weather is warmer and it’s time to hit the gym, give your body the boost it needs with IV Revival. Their mobile therapy comes right to your door (or courtside) to help enhance your performance by hydrating you and providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Their menu is packed with variety to match your sport of choice.

The treatment is administered by a nurse with years of experience and takes under an hour. If you prefer a quick shot of vitamin B12 to immediately fight fatigue, those take less than 5 minutes. Request an appointment with IV Revival today to get out of hibernation faster or to push yourself more so you’re ready for this spring season.

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