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Taking Taurine to Help with Weight Loss

Taurine is a new addition to our menu. It has wonderful health boosting effects, including aiding in weight loss. So how do taurine and weight loss work together? We at IV Revival wanted to dedicate this blog to tell you how.

Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid that occurs naturally in your body. It is particularly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart and muscles. It’s different from other amino acids. It’s not used to build proteins, instead it is classified as an essential amino acid.

Your body can produce taurine, and it is also found in some foods. However, certain individuals — such as those with specific illnesses like heart disease or diabetes — may benefit from taking a supplement

Why Take Taurine?

Taurine is important for your everyday health. Evidence suggests that groups with the longest life spans consume higher amounts of taurine than those of us in the rest of the world. High intakes of taurine could be the underlying factor in the world’s longest-living populations—and for good reason.

Taurine supplements can mitigate the damaging effects of fat, glucose, and excess insulin. It can strengthen and protect heart muscle cells and the system of blood vessels that supplies blood throughout the body, and help to protect you against atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Taurine also protects vision and hearing. It can prevent and alleviate seizures, and it has been shown to treat the most common cause of liver disease in the United States.

Taurine and Weight Loss

Outside of protecting your heart and liver, taurine is essential if you want to lose weight or if you want to boost your performance in the gym or on the court.

In human studies, taurine has been shown to remove waste products that lead to fatigue and cause muscle burn. It also protects muscles from cell damage and oxidative stress.

What’s more, it increases fat burning during exercise. Trained athletes, such as cyclists and runners, have been able to cover longer distances with less fatigue when they add taurine into their routine.

Another study supports this amino acid’s role in reducing muscle damage. Participants placed on a muscle-damaging weightlifting routine experienced fewer markers of damage and less muscle soreness.

In addition to these performance benefits, taurine may aid weight loss by increasing your body’s use of fat for fuel. In cyclists, supplementing with 1.66 grams of taurine increased fat burning by 16%!

Taurine Helps Prevent Obesity

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