Using Taurine for Anxiety and Weight Loss

Using Taurine for Anxiety and Weight Loss

IV Revival is adding a new add-on to their menu! Meet Taurine, an amino acid that helps your body thrive. Taurine is naturally found in your body. It’s located in your brain, spinal cord, muscle cells, skeletal tissue, and retinas. It can also be found in your white blood cells. Using taurine for anxiety, weight loss, and heart health has become more common as research comes out about the amino acid.

Taurine is also in charge of a lot of your bodily functions, including all of the following:

  • Regulating the volume of body cells

  • Stabilizing cell membranes

  • Adjusting the amount of calcium inside cells

  • Producing bile salts (digestion)

  • Maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells

  • Supporting the general function of your central nervous system and eyes

  • Regulating immune system health and antioxidant function

Taurine in Food

Taurine is commonly found in animals, such as seafood, beef, and chicken. Because of this, vegetarians and vegans are often deficient of it.

It’s also added into a few supplements and drinks. Many manufacturers put it into infant formula to help brain development.

Now, you can also get it brought right to your door. IV Revival has the option to add taurine into your treatments to help with anxiety, brain development, heart health, weight loss, and more.

What Taurine Can Help With

Taurine is being heavily researched in the scientific and medical industries and results are looking very promising. Current animal studies are showing that taurine helps manage epilepsy and diabetes and protects cells from damage. In a two-week study in people with diabetes, taurine supplements significantly reduced artery stiffness — potentially making it easier for the heart to pump blood around the body. More research is needed on the effect of taurine on these conditions, but we hope the results continue to be promising!

Other studies have shown that taurine is very helpful in brain development and heart health.

Some research suggests that taurine plays a role in brain development and the prevention of birth abnormalities.

It can also help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Research shows a link between higher taurine levels and significantly lower rates of death from heart disease, as well as reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.

Additionally, supplementing has been found to reduce inflammation and artery thickening. When combined, these effects may drastically reduce your risk of heart disease.

Using Taurine For Anxiety

Taurine increases your body’s production of glycine and GABA, both of which help calm your brain and reduce anxiety. It can also help protect your brain from too much glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. When normal levels are present in your brain, glutamate is responsible for learning and memory. In excess, your nerves get too excited, which can cause cognitive impairment, depression, migraines, and more.

This means Taurine can both calm you down and help stabilize mood swings and impaired cognitive function caused by glutamate.

Because of it’s calming factors, taurine can reduce your fight-or-flight response and post-stress anxiety.

Medically, it can be used as a mild sedative as well.

Animal studies are also showing that taurine can inhibit the decrease of sucrose (sugar) consumption and prevent the deficiency of spatial memory and anxiety in rats. The results demonstrated that the anti-depressive effect of taurine may be involved in the regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the promotion of neurogenesis, neuronal survival and growth in the hippocampus. In less scientific terms, taurine can help improve memory, form neurons, and help regulate your thyroid and adrenal gland.

Weight-Loss and Increased Performance

The Mayo Clinic suggests taurine supplementation might improve athletic performance. In human studies, taurine has been shown to remove waste products that lead to fatigue and cause muscle burn. It also protects muscles from cell damage and oxidative stress.

Trained athletes who supplement with taurine experience improved exercise performance as well. Cyclists and runners have been able to cover longer distances with less fatigue when taking taurine.

Animal studies show similar results. Taurine causes muscles to work harder and for longer and increases the muscles’ ability to contract and produce force. In mice, it reduced fatigue and muscle damage during a workout

It also helps reduce muscle damage and helps you lose weight. In another study in overweight people, 3 grams of taurine per day for seven weeks reduced body weight and improved several heart disease risk factors.

Where Can You Get Taurine?

As mentioned earlier, you can get taurine through eating beef, chicken, and seafood. While taurine is good for digestion, some may find it hard to process due to the food and drinks it comes from.

There is another option. IV Revival allows you to receive taurine through an IV. This allows it to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream without worrying about breaking your diet or flaring a pre-existing condition such as Crohn’s. The best part about IV Revival is that you won’t have to wait in a clinic. Their registered nurses come right to you for quality in-home iv hydration treatments.

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