IV Therapy Near Me in Arizona: A Guide

The Comprehensive Guide to IV Therapy Near Me in Arizona

Feeling under the weather, dealing with a nasty hangover, or just not feeling yourself? If so, you may benefit from an IV. Intravenous (IV) therapy administers fluids, nutrients, and medications directly to your bloodstream, helping you feel better quickly.

An Overview of IV Therapy Near Me

Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream via an IV line. A small tube called a cannula is inserted into one of your veins and attached to an IV bag to begin the therapy treatment. The IV bag can contain many different types of fluids, supplements and/or medications.If you haven’t received an IV treatment before, you should know that it can be used for many medical and everyday concerns, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Illnesses
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hangovers

IV treatments are particularly useful for rehydration, nutrient infusions, chronic pain relief, and other common ailments. 

Types of IV Treatments

At IV Revival, you have the choice of several different IV treatments. One of our treatments is sure to spark your interest.

Revive IV Treatment

To fight back against fatigue and anxiety, another IV treatment option is the Revive IV treatment. This treatment includes a liter of lactated Ringer’s IV fluid that helps balance your electrolytes and boost hydration. It also includes B12 and other B vitamins to help improve mood stability, defend against depression and anxiety, boost energy, and improve cognitive function. These vitamins also help strengthen the immune system. 

Renew IV Treatment

If neither the Replenish nor the Revive treatments seem quite right for you, another option is the Renew IV treatment. This IV therapy is also known as the Myers Cocktail (with glutathione). It’s designed for those who are dealing with chronic fatigue, the flu, and other symptoms that can slow you down. 

It comes with a liter of lactated Ringer’s IV to boost your hydration and electrolytes. It also includes the same B and B12 vitamins that you’ll find in the Revive treatment. In addition, it provides vitamin C for an immunity boost, zinc to encourage cell growth and immunity, magnesium for muscle relaxation and anxiety, and glutathione as an antioxidant. 

With this cocktail of vitamins and hydrating fluids, many people begin to feel better from what ails them within a half hour. 

Immunity Booster IV Treatment

There is nothing worse than waking up with a cold or flu and being unable to go about your normal activities. You end up stuck at home and may not feel well for a week (or even longer). An Immunity Booster IV can help. 

The Immunity Booster IV treatment helps fight back against illness and supports your immune system with a liter of lactated Ringer’s, four doses of vitamin C, B complex, and B12 vitamins, magnesium, glutathione, and zinc. Together, this powerful cocktail of nutrients and fluids gives your body the tools it needs to recover. 

Hangover Helper

Bachelor and bachelorette parties can get out of hand — as can any night of drinking. Fortunately, you don’t have to slog through the next day with a hangover. 

Hydration is the right tool to help get over a hangover. Just drinking water can wash away necessary electrolytes and leave you feeling meh. IV therapy helps with hangovers because it contains minerals, nutrients, and medications that can help you feel better fast. 

The Hangover Helper IV treatment includes:

  • Anti-nausea medications to make it easier to eat and drink
  • B complex and B12 vitamins to help boost your energy
  • Anti-inflammatory, nonnarcotic pain medications to soothe inflammation
  • Glutathione, which helps your body detox from alcohol

The Hangover Helper IV treatment could take less than an hour to get you back to feeling more like yourself. 

Migraine Relief IV

When a migraine strikes, it can be completely debilitating. The Migraine Relief IV Treatment is designed to help relieve your migraine, so you can get back to enjoying your life. How does it help? It delivers a range of vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream where they can be used effectively by the body. The treatment contains:

  • 1 liter of lactated Ringer’s
  • B complex vitamins for energy and mood
  • Magnesium to assist with muscle relaxation (double dose)
  • Anti-inflammatory, nonnarcotic pain medications 

With this cocktail of ingredients, you can start to get the relief you need when a migraine has you struggling to go about your day.

Replenish IV Treatment

Replenish IV treatment is designed for hydration, which is of particular importance for people living in or around the desert or people anywhere recovering from an active day. This go-to treatment consists of a liter of lactated Ringer’s IV fluid. This type of fluid works like an alkalizing agent and replaces electrolytes, so you can begin to feel better after becoming dehydrated.


NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an important nutrient in the body and assists in the creation of energy. NAD+ is a crucial molecule in your body and helps the mitochondria function. That means it helps convert food to energy — without it, it would be impossible to function (or survive). 

On top of helping create energy, NAD+ plays a role in maintaining the integrity of your DNA and works to maintain good cell functionality. You need to have enough NAD+ in your body to protect you against both aging and disease.

Although it’s made by the cells in your body, the process becomes less efficient over time and NAD+ production tends to drop with age.

A lack of NAD+ in the body can lead to a number of problems with your metabolism and may cause health disorders, such as insulin resistance or obesity, as a result. As those problems mount, there is a greater risk for additional illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Think of NAD+ as functioning like the foundation of a building. If it’s missing, the rest of the floors can come tumbling down.

NAD IV therapy consists of NAD+ and a selection of vitamins. People use NAD+ therapy for a range of reasons, from enhancing sports performance to fighting aging. 

Overall, NAD+ IV treatments can help you jump-start your wellness journey by administering NAD+ directly into your body. It’s worth a try if you have been feeling fatigued, dealing with foggy cognition, or have noticed changes in your metabolism.

NAD+ can be added into any of IV Revival’s IV treatments. Your experienced registered nurse can help you to choose the right amount of NAD+ to add to your treatment based on your goals at the time of your appointment. 


IV Therapy for Specific Conditions

The powerful part of IV treatments is that they go directly into the bloodstream to deliver the medications, nutrients, fluids, and minerals your body needs to feel its best. 

IV therapy helps with many types of conditions. The list is extensive, but some of the most common conditions that benefit from IV therapy include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Dehydration
  • Hangovers
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Common illnesses (such as the flu)

IV therapies vary based on the needs of the client (or patient), and they are a good choice when oral medications or oral hydration won’t work well enough on their own. IVs get the medications, fluids, or nutrients and minerals where they’re needed fast — this delivery system is essential for a range of symptoms and conditions.

IV Therapy for Special Events

IV therapy can be a good choice for special events, such as private parties, sporting events, and bachelorette parties. Since IVs usually take between 30 and 45 minutes to administer, they can be an excellent way for guests to recover after a night of dancing and drinking or a day in the sun. 

Remember that IVs can be used to help treat illnesses, food poisoning, or injuries that cause inflammation, so they’re of great help in any circumstances when guests feel under the weather. 

And IV therapy parties are now a thing. For example, a group might set up an IV party to help with hangovers if they plan to have a wild night out, or they could have an IV party ready for them following the end of a marathon. In any case, IV therapy parties ensure everyone is rehydrated, has the vitamins and nutrients their bodies need, and has better electrolyte balances overall. 

IV Therapy FAQs

Why should you get IV therapy?

IV therapy treatments are a good way to feel better when you’re dealing with an illness (such as a cold or flu), have recently exercised or been a part of an athletic event, or if you have a hangover. Essentially, any time your fluids are depleted and you could have an electrolyte imbalance, IV therapy is a good option for you. 

Is IV therapy safe? 

Yes, IV therapy is safe, but there are always risks with any medical treatment. At IV Revival, trained registered nurses administer the IVs. So we have the real-world training and experience needed to give IVs as safely as possible. 

Does IV hydration work? 

Yes, it does. It is more effective than other types of rehydration methods since IV fluids are administered directly into your bloodstream. Since the fluids and nutrients go right into your bloodstream, they’re absorbed right away and used immediately by your body.

How soon do you feel the effects of IV therapy?

The way IV therapy affects you and how long it takes for the effects to kick in is different for everyone. However, most people notice nearly immediate effects because the nutrients and fluids are administered directly into the bloodstream. 

How far in advance do you need to book?

At IV Revival, we prefer our clients to book in advance but know that’s not always possible. We provide services for last-minute appointments when we have the nursing availability to do so. If you have a need for IV treatment due to illness or other issues, just let us know.  We’ll do our best to be there for you. 

Preparing for IV Therapy

With any type of IV therapy, it’s always a good idea to eat a good meal beforehand. However, we know that some people will be dealing with nauseaand other concerns that make it hard to eat or drink, so we can help with our IV treatments on an empty stomach as well. 

Sometimes, people feel cold when receiving an IV treatment, so you may want to wear layers. Additionally, if you can, drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of your IV therapy when possible. The more hydrated you are, the easier it will be to see your veins for an easier IV insertion.

IV Therapy and Wellness

IV therapy and wellness can be tied together. With the benefit of delivering nutrients and minerals directly to your cells via the bloodstream, you can see almost immediate results. 

While IV therapy can be used to clear hangovers or support you during a cold, it can also be a fantastic way to treat conditions that make it hard to drink enough water or get the right nutrients. From migraine headaches to the flu, IVs have the potential to support you and help you recover faster. 

At the end of the day, staying hydrated and getting the right vitamins and nutrients is what it takes to stay healthy (along with your balanced diet and exercise routine). IV therapy assists you on that journey, making sure you have the basic building blocks for good health to support you when you need them most. 

IV Revival: IV Therapy in Arizona

If you’re new to the world of IV therapy, we understand that you may have many questions and need support to determine the best treatments for you, your party, or an event. At IV Revival, we’re here to chat with you about our treatments, how we take payment, getting you on our schedule, and anything else you want to know. Chat with us today to learn more or book an appointment with us directly here. 

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