Discover the Surprising Benefits of Vitamin C for Sunburn Relief - 2023 Guide

National Beach Day: Use Vitamin C to Protect Your Skin

Happy National Beach Day! 

Get out your sunblock, shake out your beach towels, and grab your favorite bathing suit. We know there aren’t many good beaches in Arizona, but we recommend checking out Lake Havasu City for some pristine beaches, Centennial Beach in Yuma for a close-by paradise, or just chilling by the pool! 

No matter where you go, don’t forget some water and vitamin C too! Using vitamin C for skin can not only increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen, it can help revitalize your skin as well. So make sure you give us a call at IV Revival to get you hooked up with vitamin C before hitting the beach on August 30.

The Benefits of Using Vitamin C For Skin

Vitamin C is imperative to keeping your skin healthy and young. Not only can it protect your skin from damage such as sunburn, it can help revitalize and tighten your skin. Vitamin C can also: 

  • Repair the redness from a sunburn
  • Prevent sunburn 
  • Slows the formation of brown spots by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production 
  • Fights free radicals 
  • Gives a brightening effect to the skin
  • Decreases cellular inflammation 

Vitamin C Offers Increased Protection from the Sun

Before we begin, know that vitamin C is not a substitute for sunscreen; it only enhances its protectiveness. 

Vitamin C enhances the effectiveness of sunscreen by acting as an additional shield for your skin. It can even help prevent dry skin too — so if you’re going to be spending a day in the sun any time soon, take plenty of vitamin C beforehand to help protect yourself from burns and blisters. It works because it is an antioxidant that can be used as a photoprotection, meaning it assists in blocking sun damage

On top of that, vitamin E and vitamin C together are proven to prevent sunburn more effectively, when used in tandem with sunblock. This study found that both vitamins reduce the sunburn reaction, which might indicate a consequent reduced risk for later sequelae of UV-induced skin damage. 

Vitamin C Tightens Skin

Vitamin C is well known for its wrinkle prevention and reduction qualities. This is because vitamin C interacts with your skin’s natural collagen, which is responsible for keeping your skin tight and youthful looking. Unfortunately, your collagen levels naturally begin to decrease as you age, which is the primary cause of wrinkles in otherwise healthy individuals. 

Vitamin C actually increases your body’s ability to produce collagen. Scientifically speaking, it plays an essential role in the biosynthesis of collagen by promoting connective tissue healing and producing specific enzymes that promote the formation of collagen. 

Therefore, taking vitamin C regularly should help prevent the formation of early wrinkles and could help reduce the appearance of the ones you already have! In this regard, you can use a topical cream with vitamin C, though it will become inactive in the sun. We recommend an oral supplement or taking it through an IV so you’re ready and hydrated to spend a day in the sun during National Beach Day. 

Vitamin C Helps Slow Skin Cancer

Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins in the outer layer of your skin (the epidermis) and the innermost layer (the dermis). It has cancer-preventing properties as well.

Studies have shown the effects of vitamin C potently suppressed human melanoma A375 cell proliferation (cancer cells) by inducing apoptosis in A375 cells. In non-medical speak, vitamin C helps slow the spread of skin cancer cells by promoting the death of said cancer cells. 

On top of that, because vitamin C increases the effectiveness of sunscreen and helps block UV rays, it, among other antioxidants, plays a role in preventing skin cancer as well! 

How Can I Get More Vitamin C?

You don’t need to run to your local pharmacy to pick up some vitamins – all you need to do is give us a call at IV Revival. Our nurses will come straight to your door to administer an IV with ingredients of your choice. This will not only rehydrate you to help reduce your risk of dehydration and sun-inducedheadaches, it will guarantee you have enough vitamin C for your skin to feel all of its benefits. 

So grab your beach bag and your phone and give us a call at 602-755-9525 or visit us online

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