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Get a Jump Start on Your New Year Resolutions

If you’re like us, then you have no idea how it’s already the holiday season. Instead of losing track of time, let’s get on top of it to make 2022 our year. Getting into the routine of doing your resolutions early could help you stay on track with them throughout the rest of the year! We have some tips and tricks, as well as some vitamins to help boost your productivity, mood, and weight loss efforts!

1) Write Down Your Goals

Making a list of your goals is the number one way to start off the New Year successfully. You can turn to your handy smartphone or to a pen and paper, which we prefer. Do not keep your list in your head! Write it down and reference it often to help keep you on track. It will help push you over the edge to get things done!

2) Make a Plan

No new good habits can be formed without a plan. Exercising, for example, needs a set routine so you can stay on top of working out, gym visits, and which area of your body you’re exercising that day.

The most important thing, however, is to make it realistic. To use the exercising example, you can’t expect to lose 15 pounds a week or be able to bench 200 lbs. after one session!

On top of that, make your goals specific. Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” put a number to it or focus on one area. Instead, make the goals like:

  • I want to lose 20 pounds by June
  • I want to get a 6-pack
  • I want to be able to bench 250 pounds by November
  • I want to run a 5-minute mile by July
  • I want to run a half-marathon

Setting specific goals makes it a lot easier to keep your eyes on the prize, because they are measurable!

3) Take Action

Now that you have set our goals and have a good plan to start them, it’s time to take action! It doesn’ t need to be Jan. 1 to change something in your life — do it today! Just remember to not overdo it. Start small and ease yourself into the new habit. Quitting cold turkey, especially if it’s a drastic change, is much harder on you than trying to slowly cut something out or adding something into your daily routine.

Below, we listed a few common resolutions and some tips on how to absolutely crush them in 2022.

Resolution 1: Lose Weight/Exercise More

Losing weight is a difficult journey that requires constant effort. While cheat days are certainly a thing, they need to be just that — days. Going long periods without working toward your goal of weight loss will likely set you back even further. Here’s what we recommend.

If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to combine diet and exercise for optimal results. You should also include more essential vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Iron is another essential mineral when it comes to losing weight. It helps carry oxygen to all of the cells in your body, including your muscles. This, in turn, helps them burn fat. Additionally, low iron levels also reduce your physical endurance and athletic performance, so deficiency means it will be harder to exercise!

Here are a few routines we love!

Trust Taurine for Weight Loss

Taurine, paired with exercise, is the closest thing to a miracle weight loss supplement you can get without a doctor’s note. It helps your body process waste that leads to muscle soreness and burn fat during exercise, and it reduces the risk of muscle damage.

In addition to these performance benefits, taurine may aid weight loss by increasing your body’s use of fat for fuel. In cyclists, supplementing with 1.66 grams of taurine increased fat burning by 16%!

Promising first-time studies also found that Taurine may help prevent obesity. Studies show that 3 grams per day of taurine for 7 weeks reduced body weight significantly in a group of overweight or obese adults. More studies are being conducted.

Resolution 2: Eat Better

If you want to eat better, then you’re not alone. Just remember our earlier advice: make specific goals! Eating better can look like this:

  • Cut cheese out of my diet

  • Eat more vegetables

  • Eat less sugar and desserts

  • Snack on healthier foods

  • Eat less

  • Cook more instead of relying on fast food

If your resolution is to eat a more balanced diet, then you can try supplementing some things with an IV vitamin therapy until you’re in the rhythm of eating healthier or until you find a diet that works for you. Remember that new diets and consuming different types of food can be hard on your body, and it may result in you missing key nutrients. That’s why mobile IV therapy is so important, especially early on.

Here’s how it works: the human body can absorb anywhere between 10% to 90% of nutrients in food before your meal is broken down and excreted. The foods you eat decide how much nutrients your body gets.

To compare, an IV has a consistently higher rate of absorption at 90%. Depending on what treatment you choose, the vitamins can be released slowly into your system through your bloodstream over a longer period of time than through ingestion. Book an appointment with us today to start your new year off strong.

Resolution 3: Travel More

Everyone wants to travel more, especially after the past 2 years. It’s time we all saw family, experienced the world, and enjoyed ourselves again outside of our home. However, we still do have to keep our health and safety (and that of others) in mind.

The key to travelling next year is preparation and planning. As of right now, Masks are required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations. This may not be the case mid-next year, so be up-to-date with federal mandates.

Plan EARLY! Make a list and figure out where you want to go. Is it to visit family? Is it on a cruise? Is it overseas? Is it to the national park? Figure out where you want to go and research the best times to go so you have plenty of time to plan and book hotels and flights! Keep in mind, some popular resorts may already be booked through the 2022 season!

When you’re travelling, wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, and social distance as much as possible. Beyond that, have fun and enjoy yourself!

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