Revolutionary 2023 Nad Drip: Unveiling the Future of Infusion Therapy

What is a NAD Drip?

NAD, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and NAD+, is an amazing vitamin that is all natural and produces outstanding results. It assists and helps people find a solution to their age-related problems, chronic fatigue, addiction, and more. All over the country, IV clinics are beginning to offer NAD in their services in the form of a NAD drip. That raises the questions: “what is a NAD Drip” and how does it help me? 

What is a NAD Drip? 

NAD can be delivered via an IV infusion, which is also called an IV drip. IV Revival allows you to receive NAD through an IV while you’re at home. You don’t need to drive to a clinic and waste your time and money to wait for treatment. All you have to do is request an appointment. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment! 

Here are a few ways you can increase your NAD production naturally:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Exercise
  • Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight
  • Drink dairy milk
  • Eat specific food
    • Salmon
    • Sardines
    • Mushrooms
    • Whole grains
    • Green leafy veggies
    • Foods with yeast
  • Drink less alcohol

You can also get in-home IV hydration or take nicotinamide riboside (vitamin b3) dietary supplements.

How NAD Works

NAD is naturally occurring in your body and fuels many key biological processes. Every day, your body converts vitamin B3 (niacin) into NAD to help you age gracefully. It does so much more too, such as: 

  • Converting food into energy
  • Repairing damaged DNA
  • Fortifying cells’ defense systems
  • Setting your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm

The Benefits of NAD

It’s basically a powerhouse for your body and a natural fountain of youth. Studies have shown that NAD improves lifespans, promotes better health, boosts stress resistance, and reduces inflammation.

These studies also looked at using NAD and other enzymes to help protect your DNA, thus slowing the aging process. It works by detecting DNA damage, binding broken strands, and forming other essential enzymes from the broken DNA. 

On top of that, it stops PARP-1 from killing too many of the broken DNA strands before NAD can repair it.

NAD Helps Generate Energy

NAD aids in the production of ATP, which is the energy used to power your cells. Without ATP, you will feel fatigued and run down, thus impacting your entire day and your performance. 

NAD therapy through IV infusions aid in the production of ATP within the body which boosts energy levels and reduces the feeling of exhaustion.

NAD Increases Mood

Sirtuins, which help regulate your body’s inflammatory response and improve resistance to stress, require NAD to function. NAD therapy is required in order to improve mental clarity, boost memory, improve mood, increase focus, and boost neurologic functions.

May Help Protect Your Brain 

NAD helps control the production of PGC-1-alpha, a protein that helps protect cells against oxidative stress and impaired mitochondrial function. Oxidative stress is the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in your body. This means that molecules in your body are more likely to react with other molecules, which can be harmful.

The other half of this is the mitochondrial function. The mitochondria is in charge of producing energy for your entire body.

Researchers believe both oxidative stress and impaired mitochondrial function are linked to age-related brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

In mice with Alzheimer’s disease, vitamin B3 and NAD+ raised brain NAD levels by up to 70% and 50%, respectively. By the end of the study, the mice performed significantly better in memory-based tasks. Human studies are underway to better understand the relationship between NAD and these diseases.

However, as you age, your levels of NAD decline, thus leading to deficiencies. 

NAD Deficiency

Lack of NAD can lead to chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, a weakened immune system, muscle pain and weakness, headaches, memory disturbance, sleep problems, focus and concentration defects and other chronic diseases.

Low NAD levels have also been linked to health concerns like aging and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and vision loss. More research is required to learn what can cause the deficiency and how widespread it may be.

Your doctor can perform tests to see if you are deficient in NAD. If you are worried about being deficient or want to experience the anti-aging properties it has for yourself, visit IV Revival. Their nurses will come right to your door with an IV infusion and will answer any questions you have about the process. Schedule your appointment online or by giving them a call at (602) 755-9525.

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