Boost Your Health with Home IV Hydration - 2023's Ultimate Wellness Trend

What Is IV Therapy and How It Works

IV therapy, also called drip therapy, has become one of the most popular trends to revive yourself when you are not feeling your best. Whether you have had a long night partying with friends, have just run a marathon, or are suffering from a more serious illness, IV therapy can be beneficial. So, what is IV therapy? It’s really no different than receiving an IV in the hospital when you are sick, IV therapy has become a popular way to quickly receive fluids within the body.

Reasons for IV Therapy

  • Before or after an athletic event
  • Maintain optimal health
  • Before or after a big night/weekend
  • Chronic conditions (heart disease, asthma, migraines, etc.)
  • Acute Illness (cold, flu, food poisoning, etc.)

Many people who began using this trend long ago were celebrities looking for an extra boost in energy and that natural “healthy glow” for hair and skin before hitting the red carpet. We all want to look like Jane Fonda, Rihanna, and Joe Manganiello, right?

Our bodies are composed of nearly 60%-70% of water and they use this water to regulate temperature and maintain bodily functions in all cells, organs, and tissues. Water evaporates from our bodies in everything we do. From sweating, digesting food, and even breathing we lose significant amounts of water each day. Hydration is extremely important to keep ourselves stable and capable of tackling each day to the fullest.

How IV Therapy Works

IV therapy is one of the best ways to get fluids and vitamins into your body quickly. When eating or drinking, it takes 6-8 hours for digestion and absorption of nutrients to occur. With IV’s there is no need to wait for digestion. IV hydration places fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream.  IV therapy can also combine many different types of vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Curcumin, Vitamin C, B12, and so much more! In a short amount of time these IVs can help you feel better and allow you to get on with your day. We make receiving an IV treatment as convenient as possible for you!

When to Revive

Knowing when to receive an IV treatment can be tricky. Receiving an IV therapy treatment pre or post an athletic event can help with reducing your risk of injury, fatigue and dehydration.

Another great time to revive is when you begin to feel symptoms of a cold, flu, sore throat, or food poisoning. Are people in the office coming in sick every day? Are you pretty positive the fish you had for dinner was undercooked? Or maybe you’re getting a sore throat? Receiving IV treatments with vitamins and supplements can help to boost your immunity and make it easier and quicker for your body to fight off illness.

In Conclusion

While IV therapy can be extremely beneficial for you, please remember that this cannot replace all ways of staying healthy and that IV therapy is not meant for everyone. For those with cardiac, pulmonary, or other medical diagnoses where fluids should be restricted or certain supplements or medications should be avoided, please speak with your doctor before receiving an IV treatment. However, the good news is IV Therapy is no longer just for the rich and famous, at IV Revival we make it easy and affordable for you to have treatments done in the comfort of your own home or office. At IV Revival the treatment is administered by one of our highly experienced registered nurses. If you need a boost of energy, want anti-aging properties, or are looking to improve your overall performance, contact us today!

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