Surviving Phoenix Summer 2023: Beat the Heat with These Essential Tips

Helping You Survive the Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer, otherwise known as August. While we don’t track the time like the Romans and Greeks do, we still call it the dog days of summer because that’s when the constellation Sirius rises before the sun does. In modern terms, it just means that it’s some of the hottest days of the summer. And in Arizona? That means consistent daytime temperatures above 110 and consistent night temps above 80, with humidity.

Thankfully, it signals that summer is almost over too. So, here are our tips to help you survive the dog days of summer.

Know The Signs of Heat-Related Illnesses

There’s no way around it — it’s hot. If you’re outside for too long or exposed to extreme heat, you run the risk of getting sick. Here’s a quick list of things to watch out for when you’re outside.


The first sign of dehydration is thirst, so don’t ignore it if you’re starting to feel parched. Dehydration can have extreme consequences, such as fainting, confusion, and death, so bring an extra water bottle or two along with you.

Heat Cramps

If you’re losing too much water, your body may begin to cramp. You’ll feel pain in your legs, like something is squeezing your muscles. This is a sign that you’re in need of electrolytes and water. Cramps like these aren’t dangerous but can get extremely painful and make it difficult to move if left untreated.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body can’t cool itself off quickly enough. Symptoms include flushed skin, heavy sweating, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and exhaustion. If your symptoms do not alleviate themselves within an hour of being inside, contact your doctor immediately.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke can be fatal! It occurs when your temperature spikes too high. It can damage your brain and organs. If you notice you or others have the following symptoms, get them inside and call 911 immediately: hot, red, and dry skin, with changes in conscious, weak pulse, shallow breathing.

Quick Tips For Beating The Heat

If you’re looking for quick tips to help beat the heat, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Do not fall asleep in the sun

  2. Limit your time outdoors

  3. Wear sun protection

  4. Do not leave children, friends, family, or pets in your car without air conditioning

  5. Do not do strenuous work outside

  6. Leave your air conditioner turned on if you’re not home

  7. Do not play sports outside without drinking plenty of water

  8. Take water with you for all outdoor activities

  9. Don’t ignore your thirst!

Natural Ways to Cool Off and Protect Yourself

If you are looking to get outside during the dog days of summer, always protect your skin. Did you know that vitamin C has the ability to boost the effectiveness of sunscreen? It’s true! Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can be used as a photoprotection, meaning it can assist in blocking sun damage.

Stay Hydrated to Help Cool Off

Hydration is key to protecting yourself from most heat-related illnesses. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should drink 13 cups of water per day and women should drink 9 cups per day.

We get it. Drinking that much water is boring and sometimes seems impossible. If you want to try something different, try IV hydration therapy. IV therapy surpasses your body’s digestive system and places fluids and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. An IV has a consistently higher rate of absorption at 90%. That means whatever hydration or vitamin goodness you choose to put in your treatment will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

You also feel IV therapy faster than if you were to drink water, because it bypasses your digestive system completely! So if you’re feeling dehydrated or in need of a pick-me-up, then IV hydration therapy at IV Revival may be the better option for you. Request an appointment today to help you beat the dog days of summer.

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