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The Truth About Intravenous Weight Loss

IV therapy makes a lot of promises and you’re right to be skeptical about them. We’re skeptical too! At IV Revival we only want to give you the best of the best, the stuff that’s been studied and proven, and not make outlandish claims. That’s why we’re taking a look at one of the common promises: IV therapy helps you lose weight.

That sounds great, right! It is! In some cases, yes, IV therapy can help you lose weight. So how do you know if it’s true or a lie? Look at the ingredients. Only some ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients can promote weight loss.

Want the quick version? Chances are, if you’re seeing treatments without taurine, it likely won’t work! Let’s break down why.

Trust Taurine for Weight Loss

Taurine isn’t a miracle working — you won’t take it and lose weight — but it does help your body process waste that leads to muscle soreness and burn fat during exercise.

Another study supports this amino acid’s role in reducing muscle damage. Participants placed on a muscle-damaging weightlifting routine experienced fewer markers of damage and less muscle soreness.

In addition to these performance benefits, taurine may aid weight loss by increasing your body’s use of fat for fuel. In cyclists, supplementing with 1.66 grams of taurine increased fat burning by 16%!

Taurine Helps Prevent Obesity

Taurine also helps prevent obesity. Studies show that 3 grams per day of taurine for 7 weeks reduced body weight significantly in a group of overweight or obese adults. Subjects also saw significant declines in their cholesterol components that predict atherosclerosis risk.

More studies are being conducted to further prove this as well. Various animal studies highlighted taurine’s ability to improve glucose tolerance in obese animals, which may help prevent diabetes. These studies have not yet been conducted on humans, but the results are promising!

Be Skeptic about B-Complex Vitamins for Weight Loss

A lot of IV weight-loss formulas contain B vitamins and B complex. The vitamin B complex is a group of eight vitamins your body needs. These vitamins include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamins B6, B12 and biotin.

It is believed that certain vitamins in the Vitamin B complex can help people lose weight. Some of these vitamins are needed to help the body metabolize various nutrients. However, only three of them impact your metabolism. Here are the B vitamins that may help.

Pantothenic acid (B5) helps metabolize carbohydrates and fats, and it helps produce hormones including testosterone. However, it doesn’t speed up metabolism or hormone production. It can help your body process a healthier diet, however, and convert it into energy.

Vitamin B6 helps metabolize protein (not fat like many believe!) and some claim it can reduce water retention. However, more studies need to be done to provide conclusive evidence on this.

Vitamin B12 can help you get motivated to work out. On the weight loss side of things, the results are inconclusive. A 2013 study published in Medicinski Glaski found an association between B12 deficiency and weight gain. However, more research is necessary.

You Can ‘See’ A Difference With Vitamin C

Although vitamin C doesn’t necessarily cause weight loss, it seems to be related to body weight. Being deficient in vitamin C makes it harder to lose weight! Therefore, having enough vitamin C in your system, paired with a good workout regime, can help you lose weight. Vitamin C by itself, though, can help you maintain a healthy body weight.

Too little vitamin C in the blood stream has been found to correlate with increased body fat and waist measurements. Nutrition researchers from Arizona State University report that the amount of vitamin C in the blood stream is directly related to fat oxidation – the body’s ability to use fat as a fuel source – during both exercise and at rest.

Look Away From Lipostat Plus

We see this ingredient listed on so many popular weight-loss formulas. If they promise that you’ll lose weight and they only have this ingredient, look somewhere else.

While it certainly has health benefits, Lipostat Plus is not designed for weight loss. Its ingredients are believed to help break down fat during the metabolic process, however, only three of the seven actually impact the metabolic process. It contains:

  • Methionine (amino acid that repairs body tissue)

  • Choline (vitamin that helps break down fats)

  • Inositol (carbocyclic sugar that strengthens your cells)

  • Vitamin B6 (metabolize protein)

  • Vitamin B12 (provides energy)

  • Adenosine (nucleoside that helps your heart and blood)

  • L-carnitine (amino acid that helps turn fat into energy)

The two that help convert fat into energy (L-carnitine) and Choline, are not designed to help you lose weight, but rather help your body process fat as it uses it. We already went over B6, which is all about protein, so it won’t help you burn fat. All of this means you have to be moving and working out to see the effects — Lipostat will do nothing on its own.

We recommend skipping Lipostat Plus to cut out filler ingredients that don’t support weight lose and sticking with what works with exercise — taurine and B vitamins.

Why This Matters

At IV Revival, we don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need in your IV therapy. If you want weight loss, we’ll give you the option of adding Taurine, B complex Vitamins, and Vitamin C for your treatment. Because they’re made custom, you can easily reject any of them! You won’t get anything you don’t want or need and there are no false promises here.

None of our treatments are miracle workers. They won’t make you lose 10 pounds if you have a treatment once a week. You need to work at it and change your diet to see the optimal effect. All of these vitamins and nutrients are supplements to your efforts. They’re designed to help you along the way, but not to do the work for you.

If you want only the basics — no filler added — then give us a call at 602-755-9525 or book an appointment online today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and give you exactly what you need to help boost your weight loss journey. No false promises here, only science and cheerleading. You can do it!

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