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summer hydration

Staying Hydrated this Summer – Advice from a CRNA

The long summer days and warm, breezy nights call for us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and flourishing nightlife; from hiking one of the hundreds of mountain trails to pool parties at resorts in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona offers some of the country’s best vacation and getaway spots for any form of traveler.

flu season

Battling Flu Season

After a restless night of sleep, you awake sweaty with an achy body. The thought of ingesting anything makes you extremely nauseous and you feel as if you’re on the verge of dying. You open WebMD to check your symptoms and accidentally diagnose yourself with the Bubonic Plague. It’s officially flu season.



Maybe you’ve used it in a recipe. Maybe you’ve already heard about the wonderful health benefits it has. Curcumin, is the active ingredient in turmeric.



Zinc has many wonderful benefits and can also help you prevent/fight the flu this season! When you’re busy with work, kids, exercise, and just life in general, getting sick can seriously mess with your schedule.